"Secret Lives of Women" on WE

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by flabbergasted, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. flabbergasted


    They have this program that douments the life of women in various professions and of course I was watching the one that's in the sex trade. There was one that's a dominatrix with her Marine husband's blessing and get $200 an hour.
    There's another housewife (hot) that used to be a stripper that's teaching other housewives on how to strip for their husband. This chcik even has a stripper pole in her bedroom.
    The 3rd one was boring, she runs a "cuddling" party for strangers, guys and girls will meet and cuddle and you can't touch your partner without permission from them. interesting concept though
    The last one was the good one, this coed in LA was doing this on the side and for an Asian chick, she has at least a size C (doesn't show them, just low cut stuff) with a couple of tats. She went through how she does in calls and charges $300 an hr. That's a good price for a non pro. Unfortunatly, after she saw the documentary about herself, she decided to quit and concentrate on Grad school. It was an interesting program.