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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Othello, Feb 20, 2001.

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  1. jmcurry

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    Othello: the hobby has no rules, except an unwritten one that hobbyists be gentlemen when they are dealing with providers. (at least from my perspective) The semiotics of terminology are not worth any serious contemplation. As SB has just suggested, terms that one person finds acceptable are an anathema to someone else. Calling a provider by any other name involves the potential for hurt feelings. Similarly, a provider referring to an hobbyist by other designations can inflict wounds.

    Regarding your other concern, quantity or quality, I would recommend blending the two. I always appreciate an excellent new provider, and I will avidly seek her out, if possible. She affords the excitement that emanates from the unknown. Yet, I also enjoy the quality of someone whom I have known for sometime. She provides new twists on old regimens, and you might actually find affinity between you, that transcends the sex act itself. Until recently, I had established a relationship with someone in that category, but I allowed the nexus to get too close and lost someone whom I care for a great deal.

    I suppose combining the new with the known is best, as long as you keep your guard up, lest the known ruin your day.
  2. HornDogBuddah


    OETT: I'll bet that at least three times in your life you've had extended (i.e., >20 minutes) sessions where your HR went up by 40% over baseline. And I'll also wager that you weren't thinking about fat at those times.
  3. One Eyed Trouser Trout

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    back to the original question

    In order to burn fat, you need a minimum of at least three 20 minute sessions where your heart rate is increased 40% above baseline and even more for aerobic training.

    Can you experience that with an escort? Nope.

    You're rationalizing. Go to the gym for your cardiovascular health, go to escorts for sex....

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  4. HornDogBuddah


    KS: bravo! (Or, brava!)

    Othello: first of all. take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds (this helps lower your BP) and then exhale. (Again, beneficial effects on your BP.) Then, stop worrying about how to hobby! (Very beneficial effects on your BP!!)

    Try anything you want -- quality combined with quantity might be the most fun (but puts the biggest strain on your wallet, with potential bad effects on your BP). You might first try quantity, then switch to quality. Or, start with quality and then switch to quantity. See? No one can tell you what's more fun for you.

    (Just never lose sight of what you're doing -- for you, it's therapeutic and medicinal. It ain't whoring. Oops, sorry KS. It ain't prostituting.)
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    That's the funny thing about "attention" words, everyone has their own personall feelings about certain one's, and tehy usuall have to do with personal experiences rather than anything innate in the words themselves.

    K.S. finds "prostitute" fine, while Val seems to despise it. OTOH, KS hates "slut", while I don't think it's so bad ( of course, it's all relative to experience. Perhaps KS hates "slut" because some people tar prostitutes with it as an epithet, and all prostitutes are certainly not sluts - although some are. I always had a fondness for sluts - not prostitues, real sluts - because I have this thing for a woman who can't control herself if she gets within 5 feet of a stiff cock. That's meant to say more about me than anyone else. BTW What's the difference between a slut and a bitch ? A slut sleeps with everyone. A bitch sleeps with everyone...........but you . nb:KS, I hope you take the foregoing with the humor with which it was intended - and no offense was intended ).

    Not directly on point, but I love the quote so I'll use it anyway:

    No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thoughts are viscous - Henry Adams.
  6. K.S.


    No, not at all! I never called myself anything else. A prostitute is someone who has sex for money. "Provider" is OK for TBD-land, I guess. "Sex worker" is annoying - I was NOT a dominatrix, stripper, or porn actress. I was a prostitute.

    I was never too fond of "whore", though. It has an angry sound to it. But the only thing that makes me see red is being called a slut.
  7. Othello


    "Othello, it would interesting to know, if you would be willing to share, what it is you do for a living. "

    People pay me for my advice. Some pay me to make decisions for them. I need to know if there is a framework that needs to be applied to reach a decision. You are quite perceptive to say that 'rules-based solutions are mathematical'.

    The origin of my query is the time-honored question: which is better, quantity or quality? I once responded to this by talking about relationship and comfort. The other party responded that they thought the essence of the hobby was quantity, implying that I was in the wrong game! It used to bother me but I don't really concern myself with that notion anymore. The only rule I follow is that I follow my own rules. If they overlap with those of the woman in question, something "fruitful" may develop but there is no guarantee.

    Thanks for the references.
  8. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    Othello, it would interesting to know, if you would be willing to share, what it is you do for a living.

    some 'problems' lend themselves to 'rules-based' solutions; some do not. the problems that most lend themselves to rules-based solutions are mathematical. the problems that least lend themselves to rules-based solutions are those that surround getting a woman to really, really want you to 'take liberties' with her -- on your terms.

    as in understanding anything else in life that is both interesting and desirable, common sense is the key here. and, the longer you've been around and the more experience you've had, the better 'informed' your common sense is likely to be.

    if you would like to read a 'primer' by a well known escort, there is:

    a well known client has provided this 'guide':

    do you have a specific example in mind that you would care to share?

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  9. Phantom


    Now, now KS I'm pretty sure YOU would have taken exception if someone refered to you when you were still working as a prostitute. And I'm sure you know how that word can hurt. I kinda expected something better from you.
  10. K.S.


    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Do you want advice on how to lower your blood pressure, or how to go about seeing prostitutes?

    Are these two things in any way connected?

    Well, they ARE connected in one way - if you start taking medication, please warn your provider and allow extra time for her to ring your bell.

    As for how you should enjoy your hobby, I'd say that is up to you. Some guys look for one good provider whom they can count on, others just want to try every new girl with a pager and a banner ad in town.

    There's even one guy who likes to find the cheapest thrill he can find, even if it means dredging the gutters and taking advantage of the unfortunate.

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  11. Othello


    I've been involved in this hobby, on a more consistent basis, for a just under a year. My doctor suggested that I do something to reduce my blood pressure. He suggested pills. I had other thoughts… A better diet, more exercise, write poetry to channel stress and more "exercise"!

    Is there a rulebook or standard that one follows. What are the guidelines for following this pursuit? My current strategy is to engage several women on a regular basis. In time, newer faces replace older faces, but the group continues to expand. I seem to be more interested in developing comfortable relationships as opposed to seeing how many "notches" I can put on my gun handle. Am I a hobbyist or just another "john."

    What are the rules? Are there any rules? Do we make up our own rules? Please share your rules.