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  1. Thorn


    That can work too, but you can't count on it and works best when the dancer knows you for a bit.

    The way I suggested works the first 10 minutes after you walk through the door, the first time you walk through that door.
  2. dr_skins


    the way I found out about both Towne Tap (when it was still around) and Showoffs (when it was still around) was from chatty dancers (and no bribes needed). One just got annoyed and started blabbing away about all the girls at SO when she flipped to their ad in one of those free magazines at the bar (ie "this one spends the whole time on her knees in the LD room."). I made it a point to go right there first chance I got.
  3. Rokin


    Excellent "how to" course on getting the info quickly and efficiently.
    You must have been a detective in your prior/present life.
  4. Thorn


    Sensation & Oh La La: Bound Brook.

    Sensations: Limited parking in changing neighborhood. Some of you gents with higher end rides might be a bit uncomfortable with street parking after dark based on some of your earlier comments. Their lot only holds about eight cars.

    Bar is way too big for the room. Literally only a couple of feet from the bar rail to the wall on the two sides. If anyone is seated you have to ask them to move to get past them. More room at the ends.

    I arrived around 3:30pm to find around six dancers and 10 customers. The dancers of the day crew were, on average, pretty. There was one very pretty, very young [18-19?], white gal dancing, one Russian and four Latinas. All ranging from 6 to 9.

    The dollar parade was endless, most dancers making three passes a set. With two dancers on the stage and two making the rounds at any given time. Given the nature of the bar set up there is no way to escape it unless you go to the pool table area near the entrance. I saw an old friend, Claudia, from Nardone's there and she joined me for a drink and gave me the run down on the rule changes. Man, it didn't look good.

    I use to have good, casual, fun with Claudia. Always gave a good dance and was free roaming with her hands. Figured I'd see for myself how the new set up was. Off we go for a dance or two. Enter the empty LD area, no sooner than I sit down but Mike, the man mountain of a bouncer, comes to the door entrance and monitors, directly, the action taking place by peeping in every few seconds. [Not Mike's fault, he has to. We chatted later and he seems like a real cool Dude. I'd have hired him for any or my bouncer crews. Does his job and maintains a level head while doing it.] Anyway, with Mike's obvious presence you know nothing but a little grind is going to go on, and that is what went on.

    I am afraid that all that Sensations has to offer for the moment is eye candy. For the hardcore the LD room will lead to nothing but frustration.


    Oh La La: Down the road from Sensations. Better parking options. Bar is a zig-sag affair. This is one of those places where it pays to be a regular. I laid a $10 spot on the right dancer and she gave me the run down on who does, and doesn't [Side note: always a good way to go if you are unfamiliar with a place. Find a dancer who doesn't, get her chatting, determine if she will be straight with you and than just be honest about what you want, in a polite way. Most of the time they will give you at least a good lead, if not an entire score card, about who the players are. Managers, bartenders, DJ's and bouncers have the best info of all, but are the least likely to give it up. Dancers make the next best choice, and can be bribed far more easily].

    I used the info gotten and zeroed in on a Brazilian [but of course]. It took awhile, as she was busy [a good sign] but got her over for a drink. She was cautious, because she didn't know me, but some extras were available, in a limited fashion, in the very open to view LD area with its beaded curtain where anyone in the back area can easily see what's going on [only two couples can fit into it as well].

    Two numbers were gotten for OC activity, one of which was the aforementioned Brazilian.

    It is YMMV at Oh La La, but with a talent for getting to the right dancer quickly, or being a regular, you can find what you are looking for, though it might not be on campus. [Though it could be real fun trying given the lay out of the LD room and the risk of exposure both you and the dancer are taking if you go for it]
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  5. Thorn


    Think I might take a drive over there this afternoon.
  6. HawkEye65


    Must have meant HJ, M key is just below J, but with recent BBPD/ABC interest I wouldn't want to be in the papers after their next visit.
  7. Thorn



    OK, its 1030 and I've only been awake for 20 minutes but "HM"? [scratching head]
  8. MattMan89


    Open for business

    This place is open for business yet again. Hard to believe HM is available, might have to wait awhile.


    This place is closed now.


    i ALWAYS go mid afternoon....
  11. jyris


    You'd think that after spending what -- 3 years or so? -- renovating and reopening this place, they'd have done a better job. I've stopped in a couple of times, and while the place is cleaner and had some decent girls there, the whole fake "upper-class" atmosphere just doesn't seem to cut it in BB.

    Braz, I know that you've reported good luck at Torps, but the LD area there is just as brightly-lit as Sensations (shit, it's basically open to public view if you're playing pool -- and it seems that someone's always playing). When do you go that this is a non-issue? Mid-afternoon, I'd guess.

    I always seem to end up back at Ooh-La-Las when I'm in BB. Lame name, same PM dancers all the time (for years), but it's dark as a cave and always seems, I dunno, sleazier -- and I mean that in a good way.


    Heard about that place from a dancer last night at the hitching post.She also made a comment that the place was laim,not to much money to be made and the clients there are 50%.Not to much$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


    went there today after Debbie from LA, Torpedos told me to stop in. She was there and was the highlight. Place is lame. Lap dance area is very lit (although not watched) -

    She said to me "at least at Torps you can touch me"----