Sex for money alleged at Rte 6 massage parlor

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    It's Great to know where all the taxpayer money goes. Just look around everyday my friends. Sad to say, the U.S. is the most Wasteful Country on the planet. Just as ICE, Swat whomever rushed this terrible massage parlor :rolleyes:, Another few car loads of narcotics made safe deliveries, A few more banks were robbed, and so on. There seems to be no end in sight. A new Dunkin Doughnuts opened ,that's great news!
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    Bullet proof vests?

    In Bristol, Ct a man called police to say that when he returned from breakfast his house door was open and he feared a burglary. He also mentioned that a loaded hand gun was in the house.

    Bristol police called in a special SWAT team of Regional LE complete with an armoured personnel carrier. After locking down a nearby elementary school a dozen officers in vests and helmets surrounded the house. They sent in "Bosco", a veteran police dog who ran in one door, out another and proceeded to attack a Bristol police officer. The officer shot the dog with a shot gun and even though Bosco had a bullet proof vest, the wounds were fatal.

    No one was in the house. The burglar was caught when a convenience store clerk saw him admiring his new hand gun in his car outside the convenience store.

    Bosco had a special funeral with full military honors.

    The Bristol Press noted that recently in Nashville, Tenn. a police dog also attacked an officer and had to be killed.
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    SEEKONK - Following a 12-day investigation, about a dozen Seekonk police and U. S. Customs enforcement officers staged a dramatic raid of Super Accupressure Therapy Massage just after 7 p.m. Friday, executing arrest and search warrants.

    Another parlor at the same site had been closed down by the Town of Seekonk. That business was said to have been later sold to a new owner.

    Arraigned in Taunton District Court Monday, Super Accupressure Therapy Massage owner Jin Kim, 50, of North Providence, pleaded not guilty to charges of maintaining a house of ill fame and deriving support form a house of ill fame.

    Employee Yoon Kyoung Kang, 43, also of North Providence, was charged with engaging in sexual conduct for a fee, and with possession of a Class E substance (prescription drugs.) Mr. Kim and Ms. Kang were both held at the Bristol County House of Correction over the weekend.

    Following their arraignment in Taunton, Mr. Kim was released on $1,000 cash bail, Ms. Kang on $250 cash bail. As of Monday, police were still looking to arrest a second employee of the business, Melissa Chew, 44, previously charged with prostitution in other states.

    Undercover operation

    A large part of the recent charges against Mr. Kim were based on input from an undercover officer who police said visited the establishment on two separate occasions, and was offered sexual services along with his massage. Though she later attempted to recant her statements, Ms. Kang had testified to police that she was forced to sleep on the floor of the establishment, and service up to 14 clients per day.

    She also said employees were encouraged to grant sexual favors short of intercourse, to keep spa customers happy. Actual intercourse, she said, had to be approved beforehand by Mr. Kim, and was granted only to favored customers.

    Late Tuesday morning, the day after his arraignment, Mr. Kim opened the door to the Fall River Ave. spa, and said he was still open for business. A large sign on a wall inside said "$80 for 60 minutes, $60 for 40 minutes."

    When asked for a business card with his new phone number, Mr. Kim provided a card that said "7th Heaven Spa and Massage," the name of the former parlor shut down by the town.

    Later that day, Seekonk Town Administrator Thorn Mead provided a copy of a Dec. 20 letter issued by the board of health. In that document, Seekonk Board of Health Chairman Albert Smith informed Mr. Kim that the board had revoked his license to run a massage establishment, for violation of Section 8.14.0 of BOH regulations, concerning unlawful acts.

    "You are, upon receipt of this notice, to immediately close the business at 1165 Fall River Avenue," ordered Mr. Smith.

    Ongoing investigation

    The investigation with Seekonk police, Immigration and Internal Revenue Service officials, is ongoing. Police suspect that Super Accupressure Therapy Massage may be connected to several similar businesses located in other states. An employee of the business told a reporter Saturday that "most" of the employees at the Seekonk site come from the New York City area.

    Employees who spoke Friday claimed the cause of the raid was concerns over town licensing, not about allegations of sexual activity. One employee asserted "nothing wrong" was taking place at the site.

    According to eyewitnesses, up to a dozen armed officers wearing bullet-proof vests mobilized in front of Grand Wireless, a nearby business, before rushing into the building Friday evening. Nearby employees said law enforcement officers spent more than three hours inside the spa, removing certain items.

    According to a police affidavit contained in court records, the undercover officer asserted he paid $40 extra over the regular $60 massage fee, after the therapist offered to perform a sexual act.

    IRS officials have expressed concerns over thousands of dollars they say Mr. Kim has been wiring to South Korea. Mr. Kim's lawyer, Thomas Workman Jr., asserted Monday that statements made in court that day "amounted to a lot of smoke."