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  1. bagman


    I need to repeat-run dont walk to see them

    Two or three weeks ago I again saw them in Miami. This time the bed was bigger so we didnt break it! I would have to say that I now consider them sort of as friends as well as....well you know-an amazingly great girl/boy/girl thingie. Nicole finally tossed me out of the hotel and I have to tell you it was hard to walk and I almost fell asleep driving home. But fortunately a cop stopped me for speeding and that woke me RIGHT UP. And my luck of the day continued because he let me GO!!! I have to say I had a PICTURE PERFECT time!

    Ladies you are bringing a third lady-I brightened the picture-wow. Wait a second I'm thinking of buying some viagra when you come back to Miami in November in case anyone is thinking of a g/g/b/g thing. GEEZ-ladies stop laughing over my dreaming
  2. Sexy Sisters

    Sexy Sisters

    Hello Philly Gents,

    My sister & I will be visiting Philly again on September 10th & 11th. If interested, you can email us for more information & Rates

    Also, a friend of ours will be traveling with us, her name is Heaven.
    This is her first time to Philly, so give her a warm welcome, just as you did with us.