SF Trip Report Day 2

Discussion in 'California' started by Trent2461, Jan 15, 2003.

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    You bet! I am in SF for business often and the prices amaze me. I stick to AMPs and am rarely disappointed. Dollar for dollar they are the best SF deal, IMHO.
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    jrman66 Ma-Ling Bok Ma Wong Gee

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    It is an expensive town

    I've also heard good things about Lauren Nicole. So I vote for her too. And, although I have not seen a ton of different girls...and if you like the body type... you will have a charming time with:


    Well most importantly, have fun..it'a a great town for that if you have the cash.
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    SF prices are generaly way to high for what you get in terms of quality of looks and quality of service. Try http://www.frugaljohn.com
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    Time to try the BEST - SF Lauren-Nicole

    Hey Trent - Great to hear about your adventures. If your deadset on having a great time, you're going to need to try San Francisco's best provider (and best value!). Number one rated escort in SF (both on Redbook and TBD), tons of reviews that are consistently perfect 10's, and fairly priced at $$$.5 for the first hr is the well known Lauren Nicole. She's working out of SF and is a delightful, beautiful, sexy woman. I've seen her several times and nothing in the Bay Area compares.

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    Good luck.
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    SF Trip Day 2

    The saga continues…

    Tonight I decide to check out the strip clubs. First stop, the Market Street Cinema on Market at 7th street. I read mixed reviews which said the place was hit or miss, and I struck out! Paid the $20 admission to get in, and the first room was set up just like a theater with a stage with poles. Some guys were standing in the back and some were watching the weak baby fat Asian do the pole dance thing. So I decide to head to the back rooms. Paid another $10 to be assaulted by a horde of butt ugly women. There was this blonde porn star working the back rooms/cubby holes who was tall, thin, and had a great rack, but had a beat face for my taste. I seemed to have caught her cleaning up from her bbbjtc from the last client. Well this was enough for me so I’m out the door.

    Next stop, the infamous Mitchell Brothers on O’Farrell. Paid the $40 cover at the door and was pleased with the talent just like everyone said I would be. The ladies were fine, and the sex show with the toys entertaining. It’s a juice bar and there is a guy with a flash light directing the guys to the next live sex show in the various rooms.

    The ladies start approaching the minute I walk in the door, and I have to keep them at bay. There were a lot of guys, but like myself most were only watching, or getting plain lap dances. After viewing the show from the side lines and tipping now and then, I decide on my first lady of the night a beautiful Persian woman named Yasmin. She gives me a naked lap dance, tells me what’s on the menu in the private room for me with her, and also tells me that all the ladies have different rates. These ladies are sky high, and not for the faint of heart. She starts out at a Grand for F/S and I laugh. She tells me that I’m suppose to negotiate depending on the service, so I tell her $100. We go back and forth on the price and couldn’t come to an agreement so I pass.

    Next I try this supper fine woman who looks part Asian named Donna. We go through same process as Yasmin and I, and I could get her any lower than $500 for F/S so I pass on this one also. Next I try this fine blonde named Sabrina with these beautiful big blue eyes. She’s approached me 2 times so far and I figure she likes so I go around with her. I get it down to $$$1/2 for F/S and we head of to the private room after I purchase 2, 15-minute tokens. She performed like a trooper, but it was way too short and it only left me wanting more.

    There was another attractive woman named India who wanted me badly. She was trying so hard to get me into the back room that she quoted me $$$1/2 right off the back for F/S. Well I wanted a longer time for my money so I decided to exit at this point and find the closet AMP.

    Since I was on O’Farrell I decided to try Empire Health Club which was right down the road so I decided to walk. I passed a lot of riff-raff on the way to Empire, but no one bothered me. I also passed to additional AMP’s. One named Sunflower on the corner of O’Farrell and Hayes. (Entrance on the Hayes side), and Spring Time which was just before I got to Empire, but on the opposite side of the street. There was a Brazilian flag in the window so I figured that’s who serviced the place. (Mental note to myself check out this place tomorrow.)

    Anyway I go into Empire and the selection was alright, but not great. I selected someone named Mai who was thin, attractive, and had small breast. Probably “A” cup in size. Later she told me her real name was Topiko and that she was from Thailand and had been in the US for 5 years. Anyway I get lead to an OK room first, I’m told to get undressed and I’m lead out the room and around the corner to this two stall shower which sucked.

    Well this pretty much set the tone for the session. After some chit-chat, Mai gives me this weak soft touch massage. I had laid down $ as a tip when she came into the rooms so that she would know I wanted F/S. Well I should have saved my money. Everything seemed too mechanical, and I can’t keep it up during the cbj and this never happens to me. So I tell her to lie down and she tells me it’s an additional $ for F/S and I laugh. So as not to argue because I’m new, I tell her $1/2 take it or leave it, and she agrees. Anyway, she seemed like she had to catch a train. Everything was rushed, and she had the loosest twat of any Asian I have been with. Guys, it was weak for her to be so small and thin. I thinking she must masturbate with a super big dildo. I rush to completion, take a shower and leave. I don’t think I’ll be back to this place.

    Well I’m pissed! Three places during the night and I’m not a happy camper. Tomorrow I’ll have to do some incalls. I should have listened to the boards and went with the law of percentages. I’ll search for some high class escorts tomorrow.