SF Trip Report Day 3

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    SF Trip Report Continued.....

    Day 3

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay with the rest of this report, but I’ve been traveling for 4-weeks straights, hobbying, and taking notes all along the way. There will also be a trip reports from Rio, Germany, Montreal, and Spain before the next two weeks are out. Also I just came back from SF again yesterday and I’ll have another trip report on this trip as well. I’m trying to get them out in the order in which I took the trips. Boy am I tired, but happy! *smile*

    Well today just before leaving the office for lunch I had the brilliant idea of visiting Golden Flower this afternoon. I know in the past that when I’ve been refused entrance at a place in the evening and it’s my first time, I can usually get in if I go in the afternoon. So after Mondays denial I headed back over to 2nd Street to see if this is the case on this sunny Wednesday and jack pot it worked. I must take this time to thank everyone who referred Golden Flower because it is just as everyone says very high class. I get buzzed in by a beautiful young lady, and low and behold before me are about 25 fine Asian ladies on couches that line half the room.

    She asked if it’s my first time and I made the mistakes of saying yes, and she asks me to select a lady. Now this was truly the hard part for me because I saw 5 truly stunning ladies out of the 25 that I wanted. And I would have been happy with all of them. I could have stayed for hours, but all I had was an hour for lunch, so I ended up selecting a beautiful lady named Yuri vowing to come back later after work. So I signed in and she lead me down stairs to a very nice room (as far as AMP’s are concerned) with an in room shower. Yuri and a great build, 34B-24-34, firm, and all natural. I couldn’t wait to get into that tight flower garden between her legs.

    Because of the boards I knew what to expect, so I start to undress to take a shower. She advised me that they had a new policy and that I had to pay before the session started, and that it was 1/2$ for the house and $$ for her. Well I stopped dead in my tracks because I knew she was trying to hustle me. So I start to get heated, she tells me that these are the new prices, blah, blah, blah. We go back and forth and finally she comes down to $-1/2$, which I feel is still too high, but I’m burning up my lunch hour arguing over 1/2$ bucks. If it was another time, or at night I would have threaten to walk and I’m sure the price would have come down to $. So we spend the session together and everything was on the menu, but I wasn’t in the zone because I hate being taken for a sucker. She did give me a great CBJ and wanted me to DATY but I passed and went straight to MISH, CG, and Doggie to completion. Yuri was very nice, and I would recommend her, but I won’t be seeing her again because she tried to jack me.

    On the way out I spoke to the mamasan and ask her why I was turned away Monday night and she said it was because the place was full, and they don’t take new comers when it’s full. She advised me the best time to come for a truly great selection is between 12pm and 8pm. After that it usually gets very crowded. So I told her I would be back later that evening.

    I come after dinner at about 7:30pm and select the cute petite lady named Coco from Vietnam. She about 5’-0”, slim, and has a 33B-23-33 build but I wanted to sample. Although she was very attractive, I just thought she was this very cute little energizer bunny and I wanted to hammer her into the bed.

    Well done the stairs we go and into a nice room, and she try’s the same hustle as Yuri did in the afternoon. So now I pissed again and I’m thinking what is it with this place! I tell her that my friends come here all the time and that it’s 1/2$ for the house, and $ for the girl. She finally agrees, takes the money, asks me to take a shower, and leaves to change also. She comes back in and goes to work on me in at a fast pace and I have to slow her down. I finally get her in the zone and things start to flow. We had a wonderful session which included CBJ, MISH, CG, REV CG, STANDING, and DOGGIE. She gave such a good performance after we got past the money and other issues that I ended up giving her a 1/2$ tip which I knew was high, but I felt she went the extra mile as far as effort was concerned.

    I started to see another woman, but decided against it because two hustles in one day left a sore taste in my mouth about this place. They are so short sited! They lost a potential good customer who would have spent a lot time and money at this place because I thought it was great and the ladies looked fantastic. But on to the next place I always say.