SF Trip Report Day 4 - Last one

Discussion in 'California' started by Trent2461, Feb 17, 2003.

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  1. js1066



    I was with a Mercedes back in 2001. Petitie and flat, did yours hand on to the condom even during FS? What a bummer...
  2. schwenko



    Can you suggest a better site for San Francisco (other than adultspy)?
  3. Rocko



    It was ok-nothing to write home about-

    Yeah-at 400-it better be a ball draining pop!-and she should still try to raise the dead again anyway
  4. skagen


    Re: Mercedes

    I can concur on Mercedes: she is quite hot and in great shape, although she does use a lot of makeup. Had her come to my hotel near the SF airport once.

    The thing about her though, is that she's pretty insistent than you can only cum once per session. At $400, I personally don't expect that one-shot crap that you get from $150 girls. So the value isn't really there with here - unless you only want to cum once and that's fine with you.
  5. schwenko


    Are you familiar with the website adultspy.org?
    Would you say that it is accurate?
    Any changes you would suggest?

    I used it 3 years ago and it was right on the money with the wealth of info it provides.
  6. Rocko


    Bay Area Info

    Finding uncovered services are very hard to find up there-and when you do-it's bigger bucks-but thanks-I have seen Mercedes,pretty accurate session description
  7. Trent2461


    SF Trip Report Continued.....

    Day 4 - Last One In Town!

    Well today I decided to do some outcalls and searched the net for some top talent. Well SF is high in this department compared to other places I’ve been and the women don’t even look all that hot. They wouldn’t last 2 days at there prices in the New York area.

    Finally after searching for hours and checking reviews I settle on two of the finest ladies I could fined with out negative reviews, Jasmine & Mercedes. There were so many fine ladies to chose from but most had horrible reviews. I couldn’t understand how they stayed in business, let alone why people kept going to them with bad reviews even though YMMV is always in the picture. If I see a super fine women but she has more than 5 negative reviews I scratch her of my “to do” list. But I was seeing super fine ladies with 10+ negative reviews and thinking to myself “what’s that all about?” Also all these ladies in SF have multiple ads, with multiple names. Trying to hide from the negative reviews!


    I found Jasmine on www.lovings.com/honey/index.htm and her donation was $$$ outcall
    She arrives at my room and she dressed very nicely with a high end shirt and blouse. She’s in her early 20s, Brunette with hair to mid back, 5'4" 125lbs, and 34B-23-35. I believe she told me she was Persian but was raised in the USA.

    Setting up the appointment with Jasmine was rather easy. Although she was a little late, I was not upset because she did call to let me know her time of arrival. Jasmine is very attractive, even beautiful, and exotic looking, and I was not disappointed when I opened the door to meet her. But she does look better in her photos, and she has put on a little extra weight. We took care of business and moved to the bed. Sat down and chatted for a bit, but this turned into a fairly lengthy conversation because the girl loves to talk. I’m so glad she was not a clock watcher and stay at least 30 minutes or longer past our hour appointment.

    As we lay next to each other on the bed, we slowly started undressing each other and began exploring each other's bodies with some LK and heavy petting. Although we were in the zone, she is very safe and applied a condom to give me a nice enthusiastic CBJ. I asked her stop because I wanted to feel myself inside of her. We tried various positions MISH, CG, DOGGIE, and FLAT DOGGIE, but she liked MISH the best so we switched back to this for the grand finale. Round two went pretty much the same way and afterwards, we spent quite a bit more time lounging and talking. YMMV but it almost seemed like she didn't want to leave. But I had to get her out because Mercedes was coming over in a couple of hours and I wanted to eat first. I can recommend her if you like exotic women, and want a wonderful time. YMMV but I’ll see her again.

    Next up was Mercedes…… I found her on www.lovings.com/California/index.htm and her donation was $$$$. This was on the very high side for me but all the reviews said she was drop dead gorgeous and they were correct. She’s Caucasian, has long beautiful natural blonde hair, in her mid 20’s, 5'-4", 115 lbs 34C-24-34, killer body and has flawless skin.

    Guys when she got there and I opened the door she looked even better than her pictures! It was hard to believe because this hardly every happens and I was very, very, pleased and excited right off the bat. “Now this is what I’m talking about if you’re going to shell out $$$$. And I am very hard to please! Just read my reviews on the boards! I hardly every give anybody a rating over 8, but she’s a good 8-9 in the looks department. She would be a hard 9 and true “model material” if she was taller. Anyone would be proud to have this trophy on their arm!

    She came in flashed me this great smile, said hi, and I asked her if she want something to drink. The donation was on the table but she didn’t pick it up, we shared some wine and chit-chat and were having a wonderful time. She was dress super fine, no slut gear here, and you could tell she liked fashion and style. Well we finally got undressed and started touching and caressing each other for about 5-10 minutes, she’s so hot! She did have her chest done, but it’s top self and the best I’ve ever seen. It looks so natural and it’s hard to tell they are not real. I finally had to ask. She then took out a party hat and started a great CBJ. You can tell she likes to give head because she keeps trying to take it deeper in her mouth and the more you show her you like it the better she sucks, this went on for about 15 minutes with her looking at me the whole time to make sure I was enjoying it. Those big blue eyes were driving me crazy! The sex was excellent; she was so tight I thought I was with a virgin instead of an SP! She also appeared to enjoy her self on top of me in CG. We did MISH, SIDE, DOGGIE, REV CG, and CG to completion .We laid around and talked afterwards and she ended up staying an extra half hour. She said to call back again, and said that next time she was going to charge me $$$. YMMV, but I highly recommend her and I will be seeing her again! I started to keep this to myself but decided to share the love.

    Happy Hunting!