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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by greyfox, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. paulbunyon


    Gavy is an extremely possessive monger. He doesn't like it when I only THINK about some chick he's only remotely interested in, let alone fucking them in the same night.

    As for me, I've never really been into double-teaming a chick. I don't necessarilly think its "gay" but I just prefer to have the only penis in the room, thats all. Maybe I just don't want the competition, I don't know. The closest I came to that was back in the heyday of the westside Manhattan street action when my friend and I got head in the same car with two different hookers. I was in the front and my friend in the back. I've also had threesomes with chicks a few times (P4P). It was OK.
    Interesting thread btw.
  2. greyfox


    Before you return home from your next trip get your ass waxed and see what you wife thinks.

    How about two dicks in one pussy?

    Ever see "Chasing Amy"?A girl who is a lesbian is outed as once blowing one stoner while getting fucked by another earning her the nickname "Fingercuffs."

    I didn't actually say that,I just asked a question about how people felt and whether they felt that there was an aspect to it that was gay(ish).

    I wasn't asking only about simultaneously having sex with one woman but also sharing women with friends at different times.I invariably go to strip clubs alone,but at some places,especially juice bars that attract younger kids,I'll often see a posse come in and one chick will grind out one kid after another.Then they'll all leave together.I have a good friend who is a monger and although we sometimes have had sex with the same whores,it's rarely a you fuck her on Monday and I'll do her on Friday thing.I've noticed that we're never both regulars of the same girl.How is it for you and bunyon?Do you fuck the same girls on the same night?Are you both regulars of the same girls?I'm just curious since most guys here do their actual mongering in an extremely private secret manner and only "share" their experiences on an anonymous message board,and having a friend who you can really share with in the flesh is a bit different.
  3. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    Damn! I had hoped I might be able to knock another point off my score on one of those "purity test" things...which were also already around in the 60s,
    btw. ;)

  4. Thorn


    Let me put your mind at ease.

    Not at all gay. Not even a little.

    Just good, sexy, fun.
  5. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    Back when I was in college, in the midst of the 60s "sexual revolution", I dated a woman for a while who shared a studio apartment with a (female) roommate. These two ladies decided that it was OK for them to both "entertain" their boyfriends simultaneously in their place as long as the lights stayed off and the blinds drawn, so that it was completely dark. So, you couldn't see the other couple, but you could hear them going at it in the other bed on the other side of the (not terribly large) room. They also usually put on the radio so that you couldn't hear every little whisper between the other couple, but the sounds of their love making came through pretty clearly. I thought that it was a turn-on myself...not sure if that is "a little gay".

  6. justlooking


    God forbid you should do something a little gay.
  7. cindyq11


    Had done three somes in the past, but it was always two girls and one guy.
    Very seldom two guys and just me.
    Whenever I have done two guys, the guys almost always ended up in some kind of tussle over which had priority over me. Oh, yes, two guys went in friends and came out strangers.
    Now, considering the two gals, it would end up me with the gal and the guy just looking, or we both working the guy over, and the guy would be like a wino in a liquor shop, just cannot get everything fast enough, lick, lick, lick, lick.
    Money wise, the gal and I had before hand come to an agreement on what to be done and what the spilt was gonna be. Regardless of what anybody says, threesomes rarely work and takes coordination and effort between three people who had up to that moment never known each other.
    Of course, among people who know each other, it is easier. And if don't work, then you do not know how fish out of a rain barrel.
  8. misterxyz


    I couldn't do a 3 way with another guy. When I see a porno movie with two guys screwing a girl, one in her behind and one in her pussy, I feel uneasy thinking of my cock feeling another cock through the thin wall of flesh separating the two holes.
  9. Gavvy Cravath

    Gavvy Cravath Moderator Emeritus

    I've had this conversation with bunyon and we both agree that it is a little gay to have your erect cock in the same room with another guy. Nope...not even if it is the only way that I get the "rocker chick" do I double team her with a friend.

    Jealousy? Perhaps. I just don't like sharing girls. I prefer my experiences to be 1:1.

    Back in November 2004, I had my only three-some of my life with two filipina chicks. I picked them up at this joint on Queens Blvd (Sidetracks ~ the easiest place to pick up non-p4p girls). I had been banging one on and off since 2003. One night, her roomate got involved and it was pretty awkward. I really couldn't concentrate and I wound up cumming before either of them. Yeah, I had a threesome, but it wasn't this "ultimate fantasy" that a lot of people make it out to be.

    Oh, yeah, I guess I did have a slightly "gay" experience. The first night I met the filipinas, I hooked up with one and my friend hooked up with the other. They brought us back to their dungeon like apartment in Woodside (basement, no windows, paneling and 2 x 4s as the walls for 4 bedrooms. We both fucked in the same room...and my buddy couldn't get it up. Performance you said, two hard cocks in the room is a tad "gay".

    Anyway, that's my two cents. Nice thread, greyfox.

  10. greyfox


    Last night I was watching a diverting piece of Euro-fluff called "Les Poupées Russes" (Russian Dolls) a film about love,marriage,infidelity and,of course, sex among a bunch of 30 somethings.There's a scene where two guys who are fucking the same girl duke it out(French guy kicked British guy's ass....obviously a French film).I was thinking that when I was that age quite a few of my girlfriends had one or more concurrent boyfriends,but that I usually knew and liked the other guys.

    There have been a couple of threads here recently about prostitution's effect on relationships with women in general,wives in particular,infidelity & deception,and sex as a driving force and negotiating chip in relationships.The convention of monogamy has been central to some of the heated discussion in these threads and the argument that monogamy is bio-socially unnatural for us humans (especially those with dicks?) has been advanced.Guilt resulting from betrayal of trust and,implicitly,pain of jealousy have all been explored.

    Well,here's a slightly different question.Is there some perverted pleasure we get from knowing we are fucking the same women?Even if we don't know each other personally we interact verbally on the internet.Is there some Neanderthal bonding thing going on between me and Ozzy,jl,BMM,even Vermeer,because we had sex with the same women?Is it like sharing a meal?What about you guys who know each other in real life,and have sex with the same women?

    I sometimes tell prostitutes I've seen that I have a close friend who I'll refer to them and the response is often,"For a threesome?".Do you or would you do a threesome with a male friend and a whore you both enjoyed?Would there be a tinge of jealousy and are two hard dicks in the same bedroom one too many?Are these questions veering a little gayish?Don't fret and think of this then.Movies about motorcycle gangs often show the guys initiating a chick with a gangbang.Now there is no question that these guys are as straight as can be wearing those tough black leather outfits, and parking their asses on huge gasoline powered vibrating machines....

    I should probably just write some more reviews.