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  1. Bill Furniture

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    crothes, Bwahaha!")
  2. sushiman


    Ever since DaHill has closed, I haven't been in to CC to get some relief.....Tried to get to Blue Fox, called, rang 15x, figured they were closed.....Up the road, Shogun....
    It's been around for so long, the place reflects that! Mamasan lets me in, asks if I have ever been here..told her all of the other places I have been. Then asks me how much I spend there. Bad sign! I tell her 1.5 total with tip. Well, she says 'we take good care of you', which means, maybe he spend more with tip!! She says I bring special girl for you! Girl comes out from behind metal door, says her name is Chanel, asks me if I ever been here, give her same line as mamasan. Chanel is 5'6" / 21-22? / long black hair / 34B-C / Trimmed a little below. She says OK, pay me now, give her price stated. Tells me' you take all crothes off (LOL) and wait.
    Details: Table shower--was OK, she cleaned all over, thought it would be better (still comparing to Dahill) Massage--5-10 minutes, tried to put lotion on me, not enough on my back, had to tell her to stop as friction on back was too much. Lead up--Started carressing my back with her tongue, all over, no asian...
    The flip--started with CBJ, little roaming, then final finish. Overall time 45 minutes, although she wanted to give me another shower (I had an appt.)
    I would go back, if the place looked a little better on the inside.....Next stop, Blue Fox in 3 weeks.

    (Always in search of the ultimate sushi joint!)