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  1. Mr. Happy

    Mr. Happy

    Great review, i always preferred xdreams in the edison area. Has more consistency with decent looking girls but its been like 6 months since ive beenaround there
  2. henryporter


    For a late morning drive thru, I wouldn't ask for more. I typically stick to the evenings, except once I stopped by an old faithful AMP on Jericho. Wonder if that place is still going, got a nice midday cbj over there. Sorry, I'm ill and wondering aloud. I've been away from the hobby for a while. With the way this election is going, I'll be back in soon enough.
  3. Landru


    Thanks for sharing. I liked the incomprehensible code part best. :D
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  4. IronBallsMcGinty


    Recently, on a weekday late-morning, I was in the vicinity with a little extra time on my hands. Idle hands being the devil’s workshop, I decided to scope out the “Edison strip”. I’d never been to any of the Edison places before, having only read about them here on UG over the years. At first it was only going to be a drive-by recon to see what these places looked like from outside, but I gave in to temptation and decided to check a place out.

    After scoping out Cherri Bombs, Tunnel of Love and Show World, I picked Show World for no particular reason. Parking in the back was full, had to wait about 5 minutes for a space.

    Went inside and was checking out the main store area for a couple of minutes. The dude from behind the counter came over and asked if it’s my first time there. I guess I looked it. Told him it was and he proceeded to explain the layout of the place and how things work around there - peep show booths, private rooms, etc. He seemed very cool.

    After his briefing, I walked toward the back to the girls’ lounge to see the talent. There was only one girl sitting there. Went up to her and we introduced ourselves. Her name is Sarah, asked if it’s my first time there, etc. She mentioned that there were a number of other girls working but were busy dancing at the moment, so Sarah ended up being my entertainment by default. Sarah is white, brunette, tall, average build (not spinner but I wouldn’t say thick) with natural b cup tits. Age-wise, it was hard for me to tell if she was in her 30’s or if she was having a rough life so far in her late 20’s. Friendly enough personality. Overall a reasonably attractive girl that I’d rate a 7. Would have given her an 8 but her body was soft and had no tone to it, and the tits were showing the effects of gravity.

    Decided I’d have a 15 minute encounter with Sarah, so I went up front and paid $30 to the counter guy who showed me to a room. Went inside and sat on the couch for a couple of minutes until Sarah came in. She told me to make myself comfortable (i.e., drop trow) and mentioned that tips are before the “dance” begins. Because I was new there, she explained that tips generally start at $60 to around $100, and at that she made something of a blowjob gesture.

    I said a blowjob sounds good and gave her $100 .00 For those who like to write dollar amounts in some sort of stupid, incomprehensible code, it was iOo.øÖ

    She started things off with a perfunctory alcohol wipe of my hands, and then began working my junk by hand to get me hard. On went the rubber and she got down to business. She had a fair enough technique, with a nice caressing of my nuts while sucking dick. 69 was offered, but I did not partake. Wasn’t digging the looks of things down there enough to dive in head first. While I consider her blowjob skills unremarkable, she did get me to cum much faster than I expected. Afterward she removed the rubber with a paper towel, but no wipe down clean up. Pants up, 30 second post-deed chit chat with Sarah, “thanks and have a nice day” to the counter guy, and I was out the door.

    Not bad at all for a quick fix. I like the drop in, get things done, hit the road aspect of a place like this. Although it’s not as enjoyable as making an appointment and spending time with an escort, that’s a time investment that I don’t often have the liberty of making. Sure, it’s slightly more costly to get your rocks off than an AMP, but you don’t have to deal with AMP issues (old ladies, answering the phone/door in the middle of the service, language barrier, etc.). I really enjoy going to strip clubs, but this is less costly than a strip club visit and with a certainty of outcome that you don’t get at a strip club.

    I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back there, but definitely would return when I’m passing through.
  5. lowell


    Stopped by this evening but was not tempted. Luckily went to Tunnel of Love next (see comments in that thread) and had a great time.
  6. prospekt1


    Thanks for the review. I thought about seeing Shy again, have not seen her in a long while but at 160+house fee for FS, there are other options out there. :( I guess prices have gone up, also, I think they all have to keep the same price otherwise issues start to happen amongst the girls. :(
  7. frogger54



    Sorry Pokler, but yes you get a private room. When you walk in the place you go through the video section and walk into the back area. Pick a girl and then go back to the video section and pay at the register for the dance which is 25 for 15 minutes I think.

    Then they tell you what room to go in. She will come in and shut the door.. Game on
  8. pokler

    pokler Power Bottom

    Can you explain how it works here. Are you in private room with her? How much do you get ? Etc etc,
  9. frogger54


    I went here tonight. Saw "Shy". She says she works their a lot .I saw some mixed reviews of her on Google... After the fact. But im glad I didn't read them before I went or I may have balked.

    In my opinion she's a 9.5. Perfect body.. A back piece tattoo that isn't trashy, but more of a legit sexy back piece.

    From what I understood it was 6o for hand, 100 for mouth, 16o for all.

    After the 25 dollar "dance" fee all I had was 100. Well worth it. In not a fan of CBJ.. But she was so sexy and into it. Kept asking me to rub her clit and lick her ass while she went to work. She talked dirty and seemed to genuinely enjoy it. I went a little over my time but she didn't mind. I just wish I was up for negotiating or had a little more $$ for full service.

    In my opinion she was well worth it. I'd rather spend 125 on this service than 100 from a FS AMP or Asian service... Def one for the spank bank. Will repeat.
  10. Jdubbs77


    Damn got me good. I been looking for a place like this in the city. Thought there was some hope there. Guess I'll have to go rub one out next store upstairs
  11. theshooter


    Sorry Jdubbs, you'll never see the likes of it again. Not here or even 42nd st, which was where this thread wound up. Sorry mods, some of us older guys took a trip on a sticky road called memory lane lol.
  12. Jdubbs77


    I been in here 100 times and never seen this. I'll have to look again next week.
  13. theshooter


    Once I went there in the winter, and when I touched the woman's tit's , she said my hands were too cold. So she let me suck on her tits. Yes, I was young and totally hypnotized by a nice set.
  14. out of control

    out of control

    Wow Blackjacks you just brought back a vivid memory of a young inexperienced man being memorized by a pair of beautiful soft perfect natural tits suddenly in his face and for a mere dollar having the privilege of touching and squeezing them. Those were the days my friend
  15. n2deep


    i remember further uptown near the block with musical store,guitars etc, think 47th between bway n 6th ave..
    was a off the path xxx place and had a very sexxy milf type bend over and allow me a taste for $1.....
    i was in heaven...
  16. theshooter


    Yes, those were the days. Remember a place called "Blackjacks"? The place used to have booths were the partition would open, and a woman would stand there bare chested, only visible from just below the breasts to just below the chin. And for a buck you could touch her tits. This was in early 80's, when 42nd was the glorious mecca to sin, sleaze, and squalor[​IMG]
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  17. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    The one on 3rd Avenue and 14th St had milk crates in the booth for you to stand on so the girls didnt have to reach as far down.
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  18. n2deep


    AS A NYC MONGER who use to enjoy the peepshow and live girl booths pre guiliani i think
    he may think the girl sits across you wth a window that goes up..use to be a dollar for 2-3 mins and you d negotate a tip..
    nothing like now,some girls wld come to your door for tip and jerk you off if the coin guys were kool.
    this was 42 n 8th showworld,peepland,peepworld and a bunch others..some had live show where one cld group the chick
    and some days you find 3 or 4 girls wth their arm way down the customer side of the booth milking the cactus........
    i miss thos days
  19. Kung_fu


    Alright so I decided to do some thinking with the more powerful head a couple of nights ago (Friday I believe). There were three girls there last night and I don't know what came over me but I was in the mood for some chunky dunking. I ended up picking the by far biggest girl there. I believe her name was Angelique. Paid 25 to the nice guy at the desk and had a few minutes later in comes my hand picked BBW.

    She starts by giving me one of the best cbjs I've had, giving the boys plenty of attention. Next was some titty fuckin and then doggy. I blew in the bag right when the lights started flashing.

    While I was getting dressed I started to realize what exactly I had done and instantly regretted it. Her tits were huge, but they did not seem to possess any nipples, go figure. I ended up getting dressed as fast as I could and saying good bye to the guy at the desk and drove off home to take a shower.

    Damage was 25 to the house and 90 to miss angelique. 115 total.
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  20. jayadler631


    Three ladies friday night, Star, Gypsy, and a skinny white girl forgot her name. I didnt accept any.