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    What's the mileage like at Showplace in Dover? I heard that it used to be a pretty good place to go to. I went last weekend for the first time and went home with a bad case of blue balls. I got LD's from three different girls that night (don't ask me their names because I was a little inebriated) and each one was better than the one before but not as much as I would've liked. I was told that next time would be better (I felt like I was at a RMP). Am I just going to waste my time in this place if I keep coming back or is it worth the effort and the money?

    By the way I had no idea there were so many Russian girls here. I was talking with one of them who said that she's been in the US for only 10 months and that she was going to school. I figured she meant college so when I asked her what she was studying she said she's trying to learn english