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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by cocklossal, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. morphin


    price still same. decent girls as usual. however, i still think this place is a rip-off. better service offered with that amount of money elsewhere. other than 100 at door (they charge 80 for hh) the 'official' for R&T is 100. annoying.
  2. new guy

    new guy

    I haven't been to silver star in over 1 year... entry rate was up to $100 and this isn't some pun ( i mean for the massagee ). That was more than I wanted to pay. the ymmv deal was always in play here -- a very clean place w/ pretty girls back in the day, but always a big tip discussion which got tiresome.

    i once had the mama san take me and have her way w/ me and i swear she said she had her needs too... this was back when i was young and good looking Is it still 100 at the door, or has the econ. made them more humble?
  3. toro


    i went last week and had kimberly. very petite, cute face, big boobs. tipped her 100 for FS, boobs were nice for russian too :)
  4. sheshenko

    sheshenko banned

    one of my worker told me - you must be crazy to pay that price for hj, for that kind of moeny I will place the money on the floor , masturbate myself and get the money back into my pocket and have a nice day.............
  5. nycjohn25


    145 for a 1/2 hour hand release? Outrageous
  6. thorntest


    Ive been there, and though the facilities are new-ish looking, I wouldn't say it's entirely clean. There's a lot of barefoot-walking between the shower area and the other parts, and the table shower often has standing water left in it. (If it's the same place I'm thinking of, the table shower area is back off the main showers.)

    When I was there, the pricing was ridiculous for what was being offered, and the haggling turned me right off. The only girl there who was available at the time had a super bad attitude, also. I'd rather have a 6 who's enthusiastic, happy, eager to please, and doesn't mention cash until asked than a 8 or a 9 who's a bitch and you have to nickel-and-dime with.

    Anyway, went once, have never been back since. They also aren't open late enough for my tastes. Then again, how many normal AMPS are open past 1 or 2am anymore...?
  7. NoBiscuit


    Same here. The woman I had gave me whole menu which went something like:

    $50 hj
    $75 topless hj
    $100 top and bottomless hj
    $150 cbj

    Granted this was about 4-5 years ago, I haven't been back since.
  8. firecracker


    Fair enough. I'm glad you enjoyed the session. That's what it's about.
  9. trigon


    no, it's a different one, west garden has a couple of cute ones too though. i actually enjoy her attention more than the masseuse.
  10. cocklossal


    The bargaining turned me off too but she was hot and I am weak when it comes to that
  11. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned


    sounds like the girl from West Garden??
  12. firecracker


    Since it is near my office, I tried it about a year ago. Yes, the place is very clean. What I didn't like was the constant tip bargaining during the massage. (Unlike NuLook where I've never been asked about a tip nor had any trouble or compaints on exit.)

    As a result, I never went back.
  13. trigon


    the shower girl there is a hot latina.
  14. cocklossal


    A gem of a place exists on 48th between 5th and 6th eye shot away from Rockefeller Center. The place dawned by an old blue sign from the outside looks very tired and dirty, but to the contrary the inside is extremely modern, well kept and clean.

    As I walked in I MAMA-SAN introduced me to three lovly Korean woman all loooking like there in the late 20 early 30's. There was Michele, 32B 105lbs, Cindy, 95lbs and clearly had implants I am guessing 36D and Susie who is about 105lbs and 32B.

    I chose Michele and opted for the $65 1/2 hr massage. The massage was fair to medium but than again I was there mosly for the end result.

    On the flip, I inquired about extra services, which is probably as bad as going food shopping on an empty stomach since you want everything. I offered .40 for a HR but but being in no position to agrue I paid .80 since I was like a bull in heat I did not care.

    Needless to say Michelle handled me very well. Being very well endowed I wound up getting a Russian, while she giggled and called me big man in broken English. I also enjoyed roaming both North and South of the border.

    In summary, this was a very good experience but a bit pricey but I think it is well worth the money. Next time I am going with Susie who has the implants.