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    There are a bunch of aggregation sites that, essentially, use BP as their source for content. I think SipSap is one of them, from what I can see. The one advantage is that you can see the images up front without having to click through to the ad. Otherwise, the same issues prevail in terms of bait and switches and scams. Always google the girl's info and see if she's been reviewed anywhere and is legit.
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    ever since CL erotic went down, there has been many new escort sites on the net. The main goal of sucking hard earned money out of of mongers wallets. Initially they offer free membership with the goal of scamming you into getting the "VIP" membership.

    I looked at the New York section. Many of the photos on there are ones that have appeared on BP and as such the chance of being real is no greater than that of BP, which is very low. The same is true of other new sites that I have seen recently.

    Many of the ads on that and other sites are created by the owners of the site by capturing info from BP and other sources. In most or all cases the providers are not aware of the ads and if they do not want it, there is little they can do to prevent it. The owners need enough ads to capture mongers and suck them into the VIP section in order to be successful and they need a large monger base to get provider ads. So it's create free ads on start-up, the only expense is time.

    The big problem with these sites is the fact that the profession is (as any monger knows) extremely volitile. The pro's can be just like their pussy, hair today, gone tomorrow, but the ads and pics on these sites last a long time. One can go on these sites and go thru a dozen ads before you reach an actual provider to arrange a date. For this reason, despite it's many faults, BP is still a better source of ho's. there the ads are recent. But even on BP, one should stick to ads that are 5 days or less in age.
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    Does anyone use
    I was just looking around and this one got me thinking maybe I should give it a go!
    anyone know anything about her?

    hope this link works..

    calls her self msfeline693
    you may have to search her under that name if the link does not work
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