Six years in jail with hard labor for a BJ (or was it BBBJ?)

Discussion in 'New York' started by zoulou, Oct 26, 2001.

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  1. skagen


    This is utter nonsense. You would think that there are far greater concerns ina country where AIDS is rampant and most of the population is under the poverty line. The corruption and inneptitude of their govt is a far greater issue for moral concern than whether someone is giving or getting a BJ in the privacy of their own bedroom.

    This just highlights how incredible it is that these sorts of laws are still on the books in many states in this here country - USA . All sorts of crazy laws against anyone-even married couples - practicing oral sex, anal sex, interracial sex etc. They are just time bombs waiting for some Giuliani-type asshole to come along and start enforcing them....
  2. Geezy Muldoon

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    Under Section 4-5098 of the Zambian Criminal Code, Herr Seifarth should be quite pleased to know that only the passive recipients of anal sex are considered as coming within the scope of the anti-sodomy statute. Which is to say that he will merit additional six year sentences each time he makes the untoward acquaintance of his various and sundry new friends. Hats off to those Zambians. I thought only the Germans had a reputation for efficiency.

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  3. Troutman

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    Funny, jailing someone for a sex act, and he'll probably have worse offenses commited on him while he's inside.
  4. zoulou


    Tourist Jailed for Oral Sex

    LUSAKA (Reuters) - A German tourist who pleaded guilty to having oral sex in Zambia was
    sentenced on Thursday to six years in jail with hard labor, court officials said.

    Wolfgang Seifarth, 65, was expected to appeal the sentence handed down in the southern Zambian
    town of Mazabuka, 60 miles from the capital Lusaka.

    Magistrate Aloysius Mapate said in his ruling that oral sex was "a gross abomination against
    Zambian laws."

    "This has to stop. You are now sentenced to six years (in jail) with labor," Mapate said, adding that
    he had been lenient because Seifarth was a first offender.

    "Customs of other countries, which are an abomination here, must not be allowed to be practiced by
    tourists or anybody," Mapate added.

    A 22-year-old Zambian woman, Pumulo Mbangweta, who performed the sex act on him in a bush
    near Mazabuka, was not charged, according to court records.

    The date of the incident was not given.

    Seifarth was convicted under a Zambian morality law which outlaws "unnatural" sex acts and
    provides for a maximum jail term of 14 years.

    Seifarth, who conducted his own defense, had told the court that he was not aware that oral sex was
    illegal in Zambia. But the magistrate ruled that ignorance of the law was no defense.

    Zambian magistrates and community courts hear thousands of sex-related offences and marital
    disputes every year.

    Zambia is by law a Christian nation, and frowns on any form of unconventional sex or sexual
    relationships. Last year a German citizen was deported after being found guilty of sodomy, police
    spokesman Lemmy Kajoba said on Thursday.

    Erich Kristos, the German ambassador in Lusaka, said the embassy had offered Seifarth assistance
    "as we would do to any German in trouble." He declined to comment on the court ruling.