So as not to be too selfish, here is some 411

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by MJC185, May 21, 2001.

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  1. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    he green door - is open and operational.....

  2. mj50


    jzed - Greenwich Street?

    Could you give more info on the hair salon you mentioned? Address, name?
  3. billyS


    LI AMP's

    There has been alot posted about LI AMPS. Including quite of few by me. For gaurenteed F/S go to Classic on 106 in Hicksville. ASk for Mimi. 30ish cute,tight great oral skills. Hawaii in Suffolk is also F/S. Most AMps require you visit a few times brfore extras are offered. Look in Newsdays classified for phone numbers. Th place in Westbury seems legit. I spent alot of time with this cute spanish girl Maggie but never got anywhere, altough I was getting great massages. trried like hell to get her to touch my cock but it was a no go even after about 7 visists. If I ever go back I'd try Lucy. Hope this helps
  4. jzed


    NY Magazine

    I saw a few L.I. places in NY Magazine, as recommended by wapstar. BTW tried a new place downtown. A hair salon on Greenwich St. A very good rub by an attractive Polish woman in her late 30s. I flirted a little this time and was rewarded with a happy ending. At the end of the rub, she asked me if she forgot anything which is when Slinky's advice paid off...

    'I find pouting and pointing at "the affected area" often does the trick. '

    Thanks again Slinky
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    does anyone know if nu look has a website?
  6. MJC185


    I have been practically begging for info on LI MP's, so I thought I had better buck up and throw some of my own information around. Here gores:

    West 30th St, between 7th and 8th.
    Very nice spa. Super clean with nice steam room, sauna and shower room. $75 house fee gets you the steam, sauna and a table shower if wanted. The massage rooms are nice, with a full, sliding door. Cool ambiance with a blacklight and glow in the dark solar system stickers (at least in the room I have been in). Mostly Korean girls, but I did see a few Hispanics. What strikes me is that many of the girls are well above average in looks. Seems the girls tailor their massage to your wishes and I got a nice oiled rubdown from Lily, a Korean cutie. She finished me off with uninspired HR without even asking if I wanted (perhaps the mamasan, who moved over from Nu Look told her to take care of me). I tipped her $40. Look forward to trying others there.

    E 36 ST between 5th and Mad.
    A lot like WGS, only not as nice. Place is clean, but not as easthetically pleasing as WGS. Also, the massage 'rooms' are a bit iffy. The walls do not go to the top and you can hear whats going on all around you. No door, a curtain instead. $70 house fee if paid in cash. I have seen Sue about 40 or 50 times and it is she who makes it worth going to Nu Look. YMMV, but I get spactacular treatment from Sue. I doubt you will EVER get FS at Nu LOOk because of the way the rooms are set up, but if you are just in it for HR, it might be worth going to. Sue is my favorite, but 'Oh' (her name) is very good too. I tip $40, or $60 is Sue gives me a 2for1.

    Hope this helps SOMEBODY.