So UG what should I do????

Discussion in 'New York' started by LorenzoDeMedici, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk

    I have no trouble saying my vows...
  2. Slinky Bender

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    See, here's the problem with "changing UG".

    I could delete most of the posts in this thread as being "mean". But would most people think that made UG better or worse?
  3. DaveNJ


    Yeah, but the Encyclopedia Brittanica provides a higher end experience
    (and isn't a clock watcher)
  4. neilz


    Since you gave her your word, keep your word. You will feel better that you did.
  5. rashibat


    Can I get a rim shot?

    A guy meets a hooker in a bar. She says, "This is your lucky night I’ll do absolutely anything you want for $200". The guy pulls two bills out of his wallet and says "OK, paint my house".
  6. blondekelly


    funny guy

    Now that is funny.
  7. RuffToy


    Verbal Gang Rape = getting raped by a complete set of Websters Dictionaries
  8. MikitheMilf


    I seem to have been doing it Gratis

    can I really charge for it???
  9. DaveNJ


    So what's the going rate on a verbal gang rape anyway
  10. mrhap



    Oh, please stop the bull. Integrity honor those are nice sounding words but if you are married and are also a hobbiest you integrity and honor are out the window.

    Remeber for a marriage to take place you needed to say your vows.
  11. JoeyP


    For me it's a simple matter of integrity. My honor is the only thing that i will take to the grave with me. (My wife will get everything else). I keep my word and try to do onto others as they would have done onto them (not exactly the golden rule) I live my life knowing full well that the karma will be returned in the same manner in which it was given.

    Sorry for the seriousness.
  12. mrhap


    Is he trying to become a writer and is experimenting on us? Get to the point you’re not supposed to be writing a novel here.

    HOW much

    This is a business and some of the best advertisement is by word of mouth. If she didn’t do what ever you were talking about she wouldn’t have done it with you. She just may not do it with everybody and that’s why you have the term YMMV.

    Get over your self.
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  13. lepke


    Why did I read this thread??
  14. Jarhead


    My apologies.......

    I owe you an apology. The latter statement in your post I apparently missed and consequently mis-understood the "who" in your post when i first read it. I thought the "provider" you were discussing was a "paying" provider to UG and the perception on my part was all wrong. I re-read the post and realized you were talking about some AMP kid. Actually, I realiazed it when somone else started guessing AMP girls names and then it clicked in my aging and sorry mind.

    I apologize for jumping on you so hard. Lack of focus on my part.

    Having said that; if it was me, I still wouldn't snitch on the kid. She's going to dial YOU in as a big mouth trouble customer. Just because you are not "planning" on seeing her again, doesn't mean your confidence breach will not follow you. BELIEVE me; she will find out. She will also find a way to tell her co-workers you are a problem and you can kiss the favored treatment out the door. Typically, one of our beloved UG jebonies is going to open his mouth and stick it too you, inadvertently or not. A number of us have been to that show before. She was nice to you; i would leave it at that. Someone else with your social charms will experience the same favor but once she gets publically stung; ain't nuttin happenin for nobody anyway. IMHO
  15. RuffToy


    Since LDM mentioned in his original post
    1. "And if I ever see another girl were she works not to tell her". This smells like an AMP.
    2. "I was not particularly enamored of her overall performance". Performance is a word one would use to describe Asian more than Greek. There is no performance for's just assume the position and squeal like a pig.

    Interesting read on this Billy.
  16. Well gee uhhh thanks

    For those of you who believe I brought it up to be an asshole in any way , I will respectfully tell you that, I will sleep well tonight knowing that maybe it was a MISTAKE to bring it up, but I know exactly who I am and what my reasons where. I simply wanted honest discussion about the topic, and sincerely wasn't sure who's allegiance, should be more valued. Mine & hers or Mine & yours. I will also apologize to you, if you feel I have wronged you now, by "dangling a carrot" Maybe I should have been completely vague and just brought it up as a hypothetical situation? Maybe it was a Jerk thing to do but IT WAS NOT intended as such....Sorry & Thank You, Iv'e now learned maybe it was better just kept quiet.
    For those of you who gave honest insights, and advice... Thank you! It's nice to know that you can bring up a discussion(which is what this board is for) and not have your integrety challenged by people who don't really know you.
    What we are talking about here basically is the whole "honor amongst theives" concept. As we are all engaging in behavior that is in some way dishonest, and "morally questionable". I wanted to know what were the boundaries for most people. A couple of things to note if you will(or even if you won't):
    1. My decision to divulge my experience would not be hinged upon not seeing her again. I actually decided that before the "Act". I merely brought it up as a point of reference to those who might consider it important. Apparantly I made it seem more important, than it was.
    2. I only questioned myself about doing a COMPLETE review,and breaking the promise (which I don't normally do) because, as I stated it was a promise based quite possibly on a lie on her part in the first place. So as stated I wanted some constructive dialogue as to wether U guys felt there was any less value to it. And the implied promise we make to each other on this board not to withhold. But now after re-thinking & reading, guys withhold on this board all the time(akm495)
    3. No it wasn't AMY as I stated
    So now I would like to thank Slinky for either believing what I wanted to know was worthy of discussion or for wanting to see me get verbally gang-raped, Im not sure which? LOL
    And for the majority who requested it, do with this thread what you will as I will now officially:
  17. justlooking


    She missed.
  18. yuri

    yuri She asked for it

    someone is even less trustful than a hooker. i guess he tried to threat the girl for free session later on and got rejected. how lower a life can go..... one of my BBFS sessions? and even someone want to know the secret? bury it along with you.
  19. seeker6591

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    That is hysterical just might be.....I was gonna guess AMY.
  20. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned


    The truth will set you free !!!