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  1. pokler


    Candy was in the hall of fame of ass fingerers. Hope those talents fingers resurface.
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  3. DireWolf98


    I don't want to hijack this thread with too much discussion about Tallulah. However, after starting a past thread about her black listing me, some guys expressed, or inferred, the question: "Who is better?" Well, Candy is comparable . . .
  4. Spazworks


    Great review.

    It it fair to say that you have a case of Tallulah on your mind? Just kidding.

    Most of us that had dealings with her could say she's temperamental.
  5. DireWolf98


    Candy is sweet and Soapland is okay . . .

    Let me start by stating that I am familiar with the joys of the true Soapland experience. (Please see my Tokyo FAQ)

    Also, on a few occasions, I enjoyed the Soapland clones in Bangkok -- such as the Darling Massage Parlor (no website) and Annie's Massage (easily found but I was unable to post the link).

    Having read a variety of reviews of the venue known as "Soapland," in Midtown Manhattan, I had modest expectations. Actually, to be brutally honest, I was skeptical. The Soapland experience in Japan usually offers several types of service during the typical 2-hour session and it's very difficult to top. If I used a 1-to-5-star rating system, most of my Soapland experiences would be rated 10 Stars - they were extremely similar to the Asa Akira Nuru/soapy massage DVDs . . . Some were better! Therefore, IMHO, it requires some serious f'n' chutzpah to use the term "Soapland" for any venue in New York.

    For my first visit to Soapland, I booked Candy. When I arrived, I could see that Candy has a lot of similarities with the famous indie massage girl Talullah - both have silky smooth skin, petite/hot spinner bodies; and their faces aren't their best assets (a very minor issue). Based on my visual observations, Candy appears to have a larger top than Talullah, but it has been difficult to get a 100% accurate assessment. In Candy's case, I have never succeeded in freeing The Twins. Talullah is probably younger by 5+ years and has a slightly better body in terms of muscle tone. I digress . . .

    We were in a room with no Jacuzzi. Therefore, we went to the Table Shower. Candy was excellent -- one or two levels above sweet/playful and thorough. It was one of the better Table Showers that I have received at a non-Full Service venue in NY. Candy would definitely be seeded in the Top Four NY Table Shower playoffs (I had to slip-in at least one College Football playoff reference).

    Back in our room, Candy's hard massage skills were quite good - in the same ballpark as Talullah. Candy worked on my knots to my neck down to the bottoms of my feet . . . I mentioned some trouble spots and Candy also worked her magic on them. Then came the Soft Touch - her hands and fingernails glided all over my back like a dozen silk scarves flowing in a gentle breeze.

    After The Flip, her Soft Touch continued; then onto The Finish. Candy's Hand Job skills are superb -- probably the best that I experienced during the past year or so (at least as good as Talullah). Candy has a number of moves which are quite good - with plenty of teasing and prolonging. Among other things, she uses light touches with her fingernails as well as a quick around-and-around bottle-cap-twist spin move on the tip of DW Junior (not every girl who tries this has nearly the same skill level as Candy).

    Candy has other positive attributes, such as an overall mischievous personality; her facial expressions and her sweet whispered dirty talk seem perfectly timed. Candy's sensual talk is quite good -- unlike the robotic utterances that I have experienced with numerous providers in the U.S. Candy varies her playbook when you come back for return visits to, I assume, avoid being predictable. I have no choice but to give Candy high marks.

    I have to point out that this venue has its limits. Apparently, the girls strip-down only as far as their bikinis. They never go beyond than that. That's a minor negative in my book.

    One negative that occurred on my first visit was that the manager (ahjumma*) was not working at that time. Therefore, the girls were covering the phones and the door. Candy was forced to cut our session short due to this situation. I tipped Candy $60 as a reflection of her outstanding level of service. If my next session had been cut short, I might not have returned for a third visit. That was not the case - my next visit was not shortened and I made about five return visits, each with Candy (she is my fav at this shop). On one visit, I requested a Jacuzzi room, but it was No Big Deal. When I arrived for recent return visits, the ahjumma remembered me because I am the Heath Miller-sized guy who always reserves Candy.

    For those of us who have experienced problems booking an appointment with the temperamental Talullah, IMHO Candy is an excellent alternative. Skip The Drama and spend time with, and money on, a girl who seems happy to not play games.

    So, this shop is not a Soapland by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a nice little venue that offers services at a reasonable price.

    *ahjumma: Candy was kind enough to inform me that I was mispronouncing the Korean word for Aunt/manager. When I said, "ahjimma," she smiled and politely whispered, "No, it's 'ahjumma.'" Life is a continual learning experience. I had been mispronouncing (and misspelling) that word for years!!! I guess it's sometimes tough for 외국인 (waygookin/oegugin/foreigners) like me to properly pronounce "아줌마"
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  6. rockpalace


    As an infrequent but long time regular, I was treated to a 2 girl massage, with Candy as the lead and a new girl Sara as the newbie trainee. Let me just say, if you havent had 4 girls hands on you at once, its something to be on your bucket list. A sensual and therapeudic overload.
    I seems like Sara has talent in the massage area and has experience there, Candy was showing her the soapland style soft touch, which is the foot to head body tease and kisses.
    Sara is a youngish korean girl , nice face ,long hair and a tall healthy body and legs for miles. Makes for an interesting matchup with Candy who is a slim willowy spinner in her 30s and an expert at massage and HE Lingham control. Candy did the TS.
    In the room with the two of them it was incredible. They both switched off on who took the waist up and waist down half. I was transported to worlds of incredible happy happy.
    Candy kept her clothes on...shorts and bikini top,
    Sara had on shorts and bikini top but freed the titties for play. Thats about the extent of nudity here. OTC and some UTC play is allowed.
    The teasing and hand job skills were exceptional. Candy likes to do ass play too.
    Cost 80 for the hour cause it was training (normally it would be 80x2) and I tipped them 80 each.
  7. imissedmytrain


    Had an afternoon meeting by Rockefeller center, and it was too early to go back to the office, and this spa was just around the corner, so......
    Jenny took my hand and led me to the room, undress/robe/tshower/soapy tease/hand soap clean...towels me off/ room/face down/ nice massage 30min.. doze off/ soft touch bodyslide tease shorts and bikini...wake up/ utc play titties/handy happy/cum on her arms, thighs/giggle u strong/ washee/ help dress/kiss hug by next time. Thats the way to fill the rest of the day.
  8. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson

    Candy will give your cock, balls, and ahole a stimulating workout. She has the "touch".
    She doesnt take her clothes off but allows otc and a small amount of utc roaming. No fs etc.
    Her TS and massage is perfection.
    After I feel like my body was beautifully massaged stimulated and drained.
    If only my health care plan could pay for this.
  9. mr.compulsive


    Saw Yoko. Nice enough and an above average 30 year old Japanese lady. However, 80+60 for a poor massage and an okay HE was dumb.
    The highlight was actually going to the wrong address by mistake. I went through a couple of floors of the building across the street. Hard core diamond district, very french connection. That was cool.
  10. duece31


    Been about 2 months or so since last I was at soapland. Use to see suji before she left,
    Nice top, cute ass and not bad looking overall. As far as service here, my experience is
    DFK, UTC below with bikini top off grabbing and sucking. Don't know if they allow more than
    that here.

    Good luck
  11. Cheezewhiz


    Zorry . my comment was directed to the obvious shilling.
    I ve been here a few times and agree the service is standard and not much for going further.. Leaving very satisfied each time. It's clear there is a standard operating procedure and if more is wanted, then your out of luck.
  12. EarnestT


    This is a very nice clean place for an Asian massage with table scrub and HE. if you are expecting something else it's probably not the place you want. however, maybe repeat customers get a little more? I might not be doing it right? Any advice on going a little further? that last time just a little UTC. Anyone have any luck or know of a girl here that might go a little further.
  13. Cheezewhiz


    Are you kidding me?
  14. jimmykock



    Yoko, she's awesome girl. Nice body and service. Got her own boundary but someday I will cross the border under her permission. Kind of my dream...yeah~
  15. charmingspany


    Soapland spa in NYC

    Amazing spa in NYC. Lots of jweries, diamonds, golds... I love this spa. Haveing a jacuzzi and nice hot bodies. I tried 4-6 different girls in here. So i used to go there. When they linked youtube video I got fascinated and visited a lot. Tried all girls in video having big boops lifted hip or something unique skills. Once, they changed some of their staff and it wasn't that good for a while when I compared my ex- girls. One thing for sure is that soapland spa is a sensationally great spa. Still girls are young and hot.
    If you are interested in or lover of AMP, I believe you already tried here before. Right?
  16. obiwanboner


    Mostly a standard Asian table shower/massage place. The girls are on the younger/prettier side compared to say WGS or NYhealth etc. And the tease before the HE is very good. OTC and some UTC play allowed and I got some tittie play a few times but thats it. I go when I just want a massage/HJ and some pampering by a cute girl.
  17. Cheeksonface



    Sorry, but this place is shit!!!! I can get more elsewhere withy the prices, and they don't even get naked. Who cares if I can UTC......I want to see the damn things! No body slide etc. Never again!
  18. SelfMedicating


    I used to hit the RMP's A LOT (gorgeous young Russian girls at a place on 31st East) but got scared off when I heard (from of the girls) that the girls were of questionable origin.......

    But man-oh-man did they give great full body was great to not move a muscle and get pampered to well.. so I went back to FS markets (thanks to UG posts) But I long for a good sensual MP's with a majority of the time (if not all).

    Soapland's were off limits to Gijin's during my trips to Tokyo in the '90's, so this is VERY enticing!.

    This sound like great affordable fun... thank you for the great review, this place is now on my list to visit.... along with finding a good NURU joint...
  19. sunnysam


    Anyone know if Hanna still works here?
  20. sunnysam



    Is Hanna still at Soapland?