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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by sharked, May 25, 2001.

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  1. ezpick845


    rev: The Ritz

    I agree with other reviews, the girls are ok, the service is ok. The girls are not the friendliest and tend to leave you alone for some time. Even if you opt for the jacuzzi, you'll be all alone in it for 20 minutes (don't bother) I had Kelly an Irish latino, yea right. Her massage was mediocre and her finish was uneventful. 100 for nude session with weak hr. Better off with AMP's in Englewood then this dump. On a score of 1-10 this place gets a -2.
  2. nycguy1967


    the ritz

    I agree with Sharked's review of the Ritz, but I've not been felt that the girls were amenable to fs - just not that vibe - am I wrong?

    I've been there several times recently unfortunately my favorite gal, Stephanie, a cute russian, is no longer there :(, and though never go home truly disappointed, I always leave wishing for more.

    Try Erica or Anna they were fun with a nice attitude ( wish for fs on these two!)
  3. sharked


    I've been with both angela and victoria. The session I had with angela was pretty good. She let me roam wherever. Ended with a nude HR. Victoria on the other hand was really nice but didn't allow too much touching. She is a pretty cool chick to talk to though.
  4. Casper


    Heavenly Exit

    I went there about a month ago for the first time. I chose Victoria, very friendly, easy to talk to, awesome massage with nude HR ending, non aggressive touching allowed.. $ tip, I think it was $60 for the door for 45 minutes. Overall nice experience, did noty ask for any "extras" since I wasn't established there but if any of you all know someone in particular that offers more, drop me a note or post here.

    Peace out

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  5. robnotbob


    I went to Heavenly Exit today. Wish I would have read your post about price. I got Angela, a very pretty Asian. Paid 60 plus 70 (40 minutes only). But nice massage and satisfying conclusion.
  6. sharked


    hey all, its good to see this spa board. well here are some of my favorites in NJ.

    Heavenly Exit.
    its in Lyndhurst. check out for particulars. $60 door and $100 for nude h/r. the girls here are really eager to please. I've never recieved any kind of cold service from any of these ladies. Pamela is my favorite, with a great massage. I just saw sofia the other day, she's a hot venzuelan and a great finish. I was also offered f/s for $200...kinda steep for a MP though. good deal

    First Oriental

    its in englewoood. Kinda close to the GWB for you NY MPers. hit or miss with the girls. $60 at door gets you a body scrub. h/r and bjs are offered for $80 to $120. Depends on who you get. Bring your own rubber. btw- contrary to the name, i don't think there are any asian girls there. check under NY, an ad called russian beauty is the number to this place. They've just changed managment a couple weeks ago so I don't know any regulars.

    The Ritz

    you see this ad all over. Its in Fairview and its $60 at the door, $40 on saturday. The each room has shower and jacquzzi. Body scrub is also offered. The girls range from hot to average. No real ugly girls. I think all extras are offered here. but is $100 for a nude HR and more for more. i was quoted $150 for fs there. I find that the girls aren't too eager to please and you find yourself left alone for a while.(don't know what they are doing).

    on border of leonia and englewood. its a shitty place. shitty facilities, shitty girls and shitty service. not to mention hr only. forget about how much it costs. just don't go there.

    I guess thats enough for now. Hope this board works out. Good hunting all.