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    No one seems to be posting to this board so I will. This is probably info that people can get from other sources, but if you don't know where those other sources are you won't find the info. I have seen sophi many time over the past year (probably longer). She is a BBW, so if this is not your type disregard the rest of this. She is intelligent and attractive. She is very accomadation to requests so if there is something that you would like to try ask her (please use discretion when asking and it would probably be a good idea to ask her via email; she may not want the hassle of guys asking her all sorts of things on a public forum. She is a GFE (i'll put it like this; I have to travel ~2 hrs for her incall by public transportation and I don't mind). Her web address is: . I'm leaving CHi-town next month and this was the only good experience that I can give you guys. I hope that this message board picks up 'cause you can't have too much info. Later.