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    Thank you.

    Paul, Aegis and Masseur,

    Thank you for the remarks and the time you took to read the add. sorry I did not reply sooner but I some how felt obligued to go back to work and make sure everything is working out fine with me not there any more. I know i need to move on. I will try....Masseur it was 275 plus 100 for the lingerie. Untill the next review.
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    I cared that you were away Carlitos :) Seriously, I do remember you posted some good info so welcome back, looking forward to reading more of your & Phil's work. Nice review above.
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    Is that $250 and $275?
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    Welcome back -
    Interesting post.
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    Hello ladies & gentlemen, I am back on the hobby. I am back on the game plate. Even though I am sure no one new (or cared) that I was gone….. I am no longer the top executive of my firm (I got smart and decided to hire some one) so now I can enjoy a long overdue relaxation period. Any how moving on with the review.

    I saw this add on the craiglist guide advertising a trip to Greece for $$.5 an hr; I know. I know, this should go under the craiglist thread but it happened in NNJ so I am placing it here. You get the typical 2 call system with a guy who is some what helpful. He tells me it’s $$75 for the hour. I still think is not bad, so I take it. I get to the Woodbridge place on Rt1 right before you get to Rahway. Once there I knock and no one aswears, I am like great I have to call the dude. I call and he calls me back and tells me to knock again. I knock again and a medium size late 20’ Hispanic girl open the door looks nice on what she has but I like to see my women with something I like to call mood enhancers, so I hand her a small gift I picked up at the Woodbridge mall. (Frederick’s of Hollywood is always a good hit) she was about 5’5 about 130lbs a small implant C cup (yes I know how to tell the difference and no I do not need to touch them to find out) Reddish hair with some light brown highlights, a 6 on the rating scale by my rigorous standards (then again I don’t even think I get pass 3.5 on the looks scale myself but my wallet makes up for my looks) She introduced her self as Sophia, but with a slight South American accent on the “ph” syllables, I know off the bat she was Brazilian! I was shit, I did not even have to travel more than 25 minutes to see a decent Brazilian gal, this is going to be good. She call the guy to tell him I am there and asks for the money I drop my pants and drop the bills as well. She waits no time on making lip contact a peck here a peck there and then bam DFK and some serious tongue sucking, which I really enjoy. She then drop down and proceeds with a nice BBJ, I am digging the experience, so I pick her up and we proceed to 69 each other. She was pretty good cause when I taught I was about to pop wham! Some one opened up her orgasm floodgates, so I am then like shit I have to doggie this broad before I pop, we stop and on comes the jimmy. So I ride her like no ones business and until I feel my balls tense, bam! I am done and collapse for a little rest. She thinks I speak Spanish because of my name and looks so she goes on about something in Portuguese (I don’t know why but Brazilians can understand Spanish but Hispanics don’t understand much Portuguese, unless you are traveled or took it in HS like I did) After I figure out what she is trying to tell me I ask if we could go a second time, she is like sure but I tell her I want a massage first. A decent massage, she claims he is a massage therapist. Any how moving on, she goes back to work on Phil (my dick’s name) with those nice thick lips, why she is doing that I ask about greek, she tells me its $ extra I am like what! The add said $$.5 and they its $$.75 that nearly killed my mood (Goes to show you I am a little rusty, but when you run an entire company for more than 5 years and are out of the hobby for more than 1 nearly 2 year, it tends to happen.) but she was doing pretty good of a job on Phil and she was semi tight, I mean for her age and circumstances. So I decide to jut forget it and move on to my favorite position “reverse cowgirl” that way Phil goes in all the way and I can control the amount of thrusts I give ;0). So after a while of some hardcore pounding by me and some real some fake gasps on her behalf, Phil decides his had enough and pukes. She clean me up and offers another massage my hour is already over but I am like shit you bet your ass I will take that massage. After a few minutes I got dressed kissed her good bye and handed her my old hobby card and told her to contact me if she ever wanted to get together outside the agency, you know so she can get the full charge. Well it was not a 10 on my scale of encounter ratings but for jut getting back into the game I must give it a 7 for the good BBJ and good massage. I am not posting the number of the place but look for pictures that look like they were taken on a motor lodge hotel and brown curtains along with matching bedspreads. In case case you still cant find the info look for a 908 area code and the bottom of the ad to reach “around the Woodbridge & Staten island area” Well until next week.