Spa 61 Pottsville, PA

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    Spa 61

    Located on route 61 between Schuylkill Haven and Pottsville. Can't miss it because they have a huge sign advertising adult massage, which is kind of disconcerting. Seriously you can see the sign a half mile away. Any way on to the report. Spa 61 seems to be a RNT with american girls. Girls are hit or miss but range from 5-8. Really depends when you are there. Door price ranges from .4 for a half hour to .7 for an hour. You pay the door , get a customer card if you would like to, and go to the room. No TS. You will then be given options for the massage -topless .8, g-string $, nude $+.2 and mutual $+.5. As you can see it is a bit expensive. The massage is generally adequate and the hr good to great. Seems the girls may have a high degree of turnover and I have not been there is some time b/c i find the philly area to be more bang for the buck. But seeing its the only game in that area, you could do worse. No LE problems to report of as of yet as I have many friends in the area. So if you are in the mood for some american with a few bucks to spend , Spa 61 will do the trick.