Spa info for Chicago?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by ScottieDS, Oct 13, 2001.

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  1. ryan


    I don't know about the spas but I did try an independant. Tiffany @ 773-593-9690. $175 / hr. Look for the listing "Misty and Tiffany's Massage" at the link below.

    Tiffany is described on eros website as 21 y/o, 5'5", 125 lbs, blond hair 34DD-24-34. I would say this is very close to accurate but she is probably more like 24-25 y/o. Tiffany and her friend offer incall nude massage out of an apartment located near Lawrence + Pulaski, about 20 minutes north of downtown. Clean place. Tiffany is just a little overweight, also a tattoo I believe, but otherwise a young good looking blonde girl and VERY friendly. She is laid back and easy going. Massage table setup. Massage is OK, but very sensual as she also uses her tits. Implants are a little hard but nice. She isn't shy about getting up on the table and has some good moves not to mention a skilled killer hand technique. She likes to tease and watch the guy squirm (well... I know I did). Totally open to TF, for which we moved to the floor (with towels) as the table was too narrow. Super baby oil TF with FTI and pearl necklace. Recommended.

    There's a bunch of other massage options on Eros. I was tempted to try Champages Dreams and called them up, the girl on the phone was perky and friendly and really tempted me, but I went for Tiffany since she was closer.
  2. ScottieDS


    Any ideas/suggestions from your travels? Figured I'd ask here since there's nothing in the Chicago section.