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  1. ZagatMP


    Yeah, but too bad she already had my money in those kung fu grip of hers. Trust me, I wouldve took my money back and gave her 20 instead.
  2. genius


    Seems to me if they are going to give you a nasty look and be unhappy with a 30 tip and tell you not to come back, you might as well tip her 20 and be told the same thing.

    Table shower is anice - hard to get in NY
  3. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    I gave this place a shot as well. Small place. Small rooms. Had Eva. Great tableshower, though not great facilities. I didn't ask but it didn't even seem like a post massage shower was available.

    Massage was pretty good. HR was fine. I gave 40 tip and she asked for more. I said no and she didn't make an issue of it.

    I won't be back for 2 reasons.
    1. NY Health is like 2 blocks away and has inifintely nicer facilities.
    2. I don't like to be asked for more money. If she blew me or something, I could understand, but pushing for more than $40 for a standard massage with HR? Nope.
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  4. D-Man420


    lol u gave her 30? I gaveher 20 and just walked out. I think that's enough for HR... Don't raise the prices.

    Though on this places defense, the girls are a bit younger than most places. But then again, K-girls always look younger.
  5. ZagatMP


    Found this place on CL. They are located on 38th Between Bway and 6th ave. You cant miss the place, cuz of their big ass neon sign on the windows. They advertised 60 for house. Included is table shower, bubble bath, and massage. Went there Friday night with my buddy. Place just opened a week ago. Place was brand spanking new. They were still doing some minor renovations when I went in. Was led into a room by my provider named Candy. Candy was probably a 5-6. Once in the room, she asked for the house fee. I generally dont like that, but paid anyways. No lockers in this place, so you change in the room. She helps me put on a West Garden type robe and led me to the shower room. She gave me a table shower and it felt really good. Next to the table shower was the bubble bath tub. I dont think I wouldve been able to fit in that tub, so I just laughed and asked if that was the tub for bubble baths, and she said yes. So dont get your hopes up for a bubble bath. During my t/s she scrubbed me really good and really payed attention to my asshole. Told me to flip and asked if she could touch jr. I said of course. She started jerking me off with the soap for a few minutes and it felt so good that i wanted to shoot my load. It made me wonder if this was going to be a full service joint...When drying me, my wood was still standing and she squatted in front of him drying me off like she was going to give me a bj. I was so tempted to just ram my shit into her mouth, just to see how she reacts. LOL. We went back to the room and she started with my massage. Did alot of small talk and she told me that there were 5 girls working there, but I guess they were busy, cuz I only saw 3 total (thats my girl, my buddys girl, and mamasan). But I guess there couldve been other customers in the other rooms. She also mentioned that they just opened for 5 days. okay massage. She did that back walk and it was good, but once she massaged me with her hands, she did use any lotion, so at times it felt like an indian sunburn. I had to tell her to ease off. Time for the flip, she asked if I wanted special service, I said yes. She said you give better tip for special service. I said sure! I was hoping that she would blow me, but she pulled out the lotion and starting the hj. I was only allowed OTC roaming. I tried so fard just to see some ass or tit. She just kept blocking me and shrugging my hand off. It go me turned off, so it took a while for me to cum. i wanted to make her work. I finally shoot when she played with my asshole. LOL... Got dressed and tipped her 30 bucks. She gave me this nasty look and said minimum is 40. I said you crazy! You lucky to get 30 from me. She goes, but I gave you special massage. I said i get that everywhere and tip the same. i said for 40 you give better service. She told me to leave and dont come back. I smiled and walked out. She took another customer and mamsan told me sit and have a cup of water as I waited for my buddy. As I waited, more customers walked in. My buddy finally comes out and he said he actually enjoyed the service his girl gave him. So I guess this would be a mixed review for me...Place closes at 1am, but I still saw people walking in after 1am. Maybe I'll go back and give someone else a try...