Spadium - Legit DUD (took one for the team)

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by lonewolf69, Jan 29, 2003.

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  1. Traderdave


    Hanyang/Yi PAk
    The women there could be on Social Security. 40's and up. Retirement home for AMP workers.
  2. sandybeaches


    I think the place you're thinking of that is down the block is called Hanyang/YiPak Spa. It's about halfway between 5th and 6th Ave, on the south side of 32nd. There's a giant sign that you can't miss. The women's spa is on the 2nd floor, and the men's spa is on the third floor. Anyway, like you said, there are several places that are much better. I went there when I was rookie monger and didn't know any better. The TS room is communal, which was terrible, the massage was done by the cryptkeeper, and the house fee is 100! HJ is offered, but the place is a total monger tourist trap. My visit was a few years ago, so I guess there's a small chance that things have changed
  3. NYC55


    I think this block is called Korea town. don't remember the name of the place it is the opposite side of the street towards 5th avenue. can't miss it. it's on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building. nothing special... table shower, r&T the table shower room is not private. if you go during the day you will probably be the only one there. haven't been there in quite some time since there are better places in this neighborhodd.
  4. NYC55


    I learned my lession here a couple of years ago. the guy in the lockerroom was the first sign I was going to get stiffed. shocking since there is a r&T place down the block.
  5. cityman123


    spadium is the biggest piece of crap ever. they make u take your shoes off before entienr ght locker room? why? so u can stand there in your socks and get them dirty. strange. they gave me a towel and then they came back with these nasty looking shorts, i said no thanks to those. they eventually lead me to a room and i thought it was promising. there is a curtain and a solid door with a window, but the window is tinted so dark that you can't see the other side. they place this huge sheet on me and start out. the girl i had, julia, was way too hard. i told her to go easier and she did for like 5 minutes then back to way too hard.

    after a while, she asks me to turn and so i did. i thought finally going to get some action. nope, she kept that sheet ona nd put a paper towel over my eyes. why? i asked to take it off and she said that was fine but most keep it on, um, ok. i look around the room and see tissues and a little garbage can. ok maybe HR. nope. she finished and sat me up and said all done. i was like, thats it, no HR? she looked pissed that i would even think of asking. i bolted into the locker and left with no tip.

    oh, the front desk guy asked if i tipped, i said yea and ran up the stairs. he called me back but i didn't go. they have some nerve. when i first got there they showed me the menu and said tip afterward, tip afterward.

    oh, also, since it is so deep in the ground u can hear and FEEL the subway rush by. i was there for the 55 minutes and the subway went by like 4 times.

    this place totally blew. don't waste your money there ever. i did only spend 80 and left no tip. not worth it.
  6. robnotbob


    I was only there once last year, and got a nice HR (from a young lass who's no longer there) but my guess is they may have gone "legit". made the move too soon and should have allowed HER to roam under your shorts...
  7. ryoueziam


    I went to Sol Spa a few weeks ago with a friend and it was a big mistake. First we went to WGS but there was alot of people so we ended up in Sol Spa. The fee was $70.00, you are given a key to the lockers, before entering the locker room, a guy tells you to take off your shoes and hands you a towel. After taking off your clothes, you go and take a shower, they have a table in the back room for a table shower but I beleive it was extra. A women greets you after the shower, a choose of girls were not given. I had a girl name Lina, about 40 year old 5'5. Gave me a pretty good massage and about 1/2 way into it, I started to do a little roaming. She said there was no touching and there was a sign in the room that saids you must wear your underwears into the massage room and she pointed to that, I knew I wasn't going to get a HR. After the massage I gave her $25.00 and she looked upset. The mamason ask me how was the massage and I told her straight out, I won't be back, she told me next time I introduce you to someone more experience. I told her that's o.k. Don't waste your money at this place, stay with WGS even if the showers don't work till mid February...
  8. lonewolf69


    PS. I did spy another SPA on the way over to WGS, called SOL SPA, my friend and I were EXTREMELY tempted when TWO of the girls came up to the front desk and started to speak to the mamsan.

    BOTH were wearing WGS standard uniform, white polo, and whitejeans, but OH HOW tight those jeans looked, cute about early twenties with the BODIES to show for it, faces looked kinda cute, keep in mind we stopped in MID STRIDE and took one or two steps back to look through the FRONT entrance (Glass door and window by vestibule...)

    Serious SERIOUS temptations even mamasan motioned for us to come in, but after leaving SPADIUM with no R&T and needing release badly, we decided not to take a chance on this for a sure thing with WGS.

    I'll take another for the team next time around!!!!! (Unless someone has already been there hint, hint,?!?)

    PS this place is called SOL Spa? 4 West 33rd Street... :)
  9. lonewolf69


    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to report in on SPADIUM. Took a buddy of mine to this place as his very 1st initiation into the realm of SPA's and R&T. Originally wanted to go the WGS but was disappointed when I found out their shower area was under renovations and wouldn't be ready until MID FEBRUARY. Since it was his initiation, I wanted the BEST "SPA" experience possible showers and all...

    My mistake for choosing SPADIUM...

    Problems, problems, problems, the first sign of trouble came as soon as I opened the door to Spadium at 49 West 32nd. There was a hand written sign hanging from the LOBBY elevator stating that due to construction to please use either the staircase or elevator as the construction may cause disruption...??!??

    Ok, SCOTTY, I'm taking the stairs forget the Transporter beam...

    After finally navigating the stair with four landings, I'm met with a very minor maze about 20 feet of twisting corriders. At this point I'm EXTREMELY worried about my friend thinking this was a DIVE and that maybe he wanted to turn around, but surprisingly NO he wanted to venture forth! Great trooper!

    We finally make it to the receptionist who offers us a "MENU" of choices, Massage 1 hr, swedish, shiatsu or DEEP TISSUE, being MODERATELY afraid of pain, I chose Swedish. We were each given a key and we're led into an extremely well kept locker room. Following the ASIAN tradition we were politely asked to remove our shoes for a pair of comfortable slippers!

    As we were changing our clothes a nice attendant brings over to us each a large bath towel and we quickly shuck the rest of our clothes to hit the showers! Imagine my surprise as soon as I step into the shower to room to find TWO huge Jacuzzi/Hot tubs! My friend and I each grabbed one and for the next 15 mins. our troubles and tensions were drained out of our bodies. We each took a quick shower afterwards and upon trying to leave the shower area the same attendant who offered us our towels earlier, had a menu in his hands and quickly pointed to "BODY SCRUB" for $20.00 extra!!!

    My friend and I both had visions of a lovely KOREAN nymph running her smooth silky hands all over our naked bodies scrubbing us from our ears to our toes, until the MALE attendant lets us know that he has a very good touch. You can guess how quickly me and my friend EXIT out the shower area!!!!

    As we're walking down towards the massage rooms clad in our towels, the ATTENDANT quickly runs ahead of us and has us turn back toward the shower room, where he quickly produce a nice short flannel robe and a pair of pajama shorts. Well guys, it all goes downhill from here. After the final change into our jammies we're introduced to our "girls"

    No choice was given we were assigned. I wound up with a average build 40+ korean woman with very VERY limited english and I couldn't even get her name too well... Perhaps she said here name is MINA/Lina??? Sorry... :(

    My friend wound up with a short (easily under 5 foot tall), stock latina and about a 4 in the looks department!!! My friend had this look of ANGUISH on his faces as his questioning eyes looked at me and asked "What the hell did you bring me here for???!???!"

    Needless to say with both the pajama shorts and the door being left W I D E open we were not going to be getting the happy ending I've been promising my friend for the last two weeks!!! :(

    Even trying to place my hand on her hand or arm letting my MASSAESE (I don't have spell checker so shoot me!!!) know what a good job she was doing, was a mistake, when she belted out in CRYSTAL clear ENGLISH no touching allowed.... After the massage I found out those are the ONLY english words she knew next to her name, and remember she can't pronounce her name too clearly!!!!

    In it's defense, SPADIUM did finally give me and my friend one of the best massages ever, bar none! If I were ever again in the mood for just a PLAIN massage with no R&T, no ROAMING, no EXTRAS. Spadium would be on my short list especially after the renovations are complete, staff and crew were very polite and professional and service was top notch.


    I wound up apologizing to my friend profusely for the let down and I decided to TREAT myself and him to WGS showers or no, we where going to get RELIEF!!! See my review with Bonnie for part TWO to this adventure... :) (WGS going by the book...?)