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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jarhead, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Jarhead


    Thanks for the suggestions gents!

    I thought the thread died and no one had any suggestions for a solution. then bingo: It's bounces back, albeit a "DEAD CAT BOUNCE". Basically; other than filters, there are NO solutions for identifying and stopping spammers directly. With all our technology you would think we would be able to identify these clowns. Apparently there is no way to trace the originator of the spam. Once they got my address; short of cancelling the address, there is no other recourse. FILTERS are a problem for me because of my business. I get as many as 100 per day, business related at times. Been to that show. My spam shit falls 90% in 3 categories: Porn; brokerage (pump & dump) and Mortgages. I dumped the temp files; cookies, etc. but non it is going to remove my address off of a list without targeting the sender. Fucking nightmare. Thank you all for the suggestions.

  2. RuffToy


    As stated before, Never respond to opt-out options...better off deleting. Opt-out options verify that the ***** address is valid and it's used against you for future spam.

    I use OE for my mail client and CLOUDMARK for spam filtering. It's clean and simple and is very user friendly and accurate.
  3. bear


    Earthlink's spamblocker does a great job. It only allows mail in if they are already in my address book or I add them. Otherwise, nothing comes thru other than a summary every few days so I can review and decide to open or delete. It has cut out all the crap I used to receive.
  4. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    I use a program called Mailwasher that reads the titles and the first 20 or lines of the msg before it's downloaded. Then you can delete it or try to bounce it back, with the "logic" that if the spammer gets undeliverable msg, your addy will be removed from list. Don't know how effective that is, but I know that I can delete stuff before it is downloaded.
  5. justbill_redux

    justbill_redux King Missile


    I've had great success using Thunderbird as my mail client. Its got an automated adaptive junk mail detection system that works well as well as spam filter controls. Have not had any legitimate mail end up in the junk folder, however if it did single out legit mail as spam you can “unjunk” its status with 1 mouse click. Highly recommended

    100% true on not using any opt out.
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  6. momomini


    NEVER use the opt out. It just confirms they have a "live" ***** address and then it gets sold out to the rest of the spammers. As far as the address line, all that stuff can be forged. Unfortunately, SMTP is not a secure system, but we are all stuck with it for now. If you can look at the ***** headers, you can complain to the domain the mail came from, but you have to look at the headers to see that. The visible address means nothing.

    You can go to for more info.
  7. redleg609


    Don't recall the names or dates but PCMagazine has rated products that screen ***** via white / black lists as well as heuristics to identify SPAM. You can probably Google the info or go to the PCMagazine web site.
  8. Jarhead


    Any you geru's have any suggestions for stopping unsolicited spam that doesn't have an "opt-out" feature on the pages? There is no legit return addresses to respond too; it's confusing. How the hell do i get the delivery when it's not my address in the address line??? Is there anyone they can be reported too??? I have tried filters but that's a bad scene. It also filters out legitimate business mail. I'm on a mailing list for stocks and it's a daily occurence that i can't get rid of (looks like pump & dump shit), not including the porn and mortgage companies. Anybody ever try to seriously tackle or fight this issue? Who the hell can you go too ,to complain or stop it?

    BTW: I can't change my address (business).

    It's worse than bait and switch.