Spontaneous vs. Planned Encounters

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Monk, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Monk


    The difference, I guess, is whether you just want to get laid or whether you want to get laid by a certain provider. I guess that I've learned the hard way that providers aren't "a dime a dozen" -- there are real differences in quality amongst them (which isn't really such a stretch; it's a very personal service that they're offering, after all). So it's worth it, from that perspective, to plan ahead. It has everything to do with how you hobby, and what your expectations are. If you just want to get your rocks off spontaneously, and it doesn't matter with whom or the circumstances, then answering ads more or less blindly will most likely land you with someone. If you're looking for a session with a very specific type of provider, however, who offers very specific services (or a cut above the average), then, unfortunately, you have to make plans ahead of time.

    On the other hand, it takes quite a bit of the excitement out of it. Trying to find that balance is difficult -- which is why I brought up this topic in the first place.
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  2. MrFreeze451


    Generally, I am hit or miss and I don't plan. Craigs list is not what it once was, so now I might be inclined to plan more and to be a little more selective.
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  3. RuffToy


    It's funny, in the past when I've set up appts in advance, for the following week, I have run into problems numerous times. I would call or e*mail a few days before to confirm and then shoot over to the incall at the agreed time and discover no answer when I got there. Has happened too many times. I really don't think providers (and I know there are exceptions) are the best at scheduling. They seem to operate best on the spur of moment. I'm talking about indies, not agencies.

    When I contact a lady I want to see, it's contemporaneously. If she can't accomodate me and says tomorrow's better. Well, tomorrow usually doesn't work for me. So I move on to the next.

    Also, my time is very tight and I don't always have the opportunity of setting up an appt for say next Thurs. I much prefer to act spontaneously.
  4. greyfox


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    Greyfox,welcome to gold.
  5. greyfox


    Another problem is that with voice message,caller ID,missed call lists,you can make 5 calls and not speak to anyone,leave 2 messages and get 3 full mailboxes.Then 30 minutes later somebody calls back and says "Hi,you called me".
    Then it's,"That's possible.Are you the horny milf,busty asian or barely legal latina?"
    Sometimes they're not even sure which one they are.So much for spontaneity 2006 style.
    In the old days they'd answer the damn phone,say a few subtly provocative words in a breathy voice and I'd be getting hard and on my way.
  6. milkman


    it's always spontaneous. i'll be leaving work or sitting at home and all of a sudden the idea will pop in my head and off i go. thats why i like the mps. no need for appointments. just show up when you're in the mood.
  7. justme

    justme <i>pop and click tainted</i> Vinyl ( is dead )

    Another part is dealing with popular women.

    I always bumped around randomly until I found a keeper who I'd see until she left. This isn't precise, but I feel like it would take about 4 or five sessions to find one woman that I would then see about ten times times.

    None of these women were internet favorites.
  8. justlooking


    I think part of it comes from dealing with independents rather than agencies and brothels. And another part of comes from seeking particular women rather than just whoever's around at the time.
  9. Monk


    When I started in this hobby, whenever I was in the mood I would look in the back of New York Magazine (it was before the Internet), or the Voice, make a few calls, book a session an hour ahead and that was all there was to it.

    Today, I find myself *****ing back and forth and scheduling sometimes weeks ahead of time in order to secure an appointment with a popular provider. Now, some of this is my own maturation process -- to improve my chances at a good session, I'm much pickier about the providers I choose to see. And more risk averse.

    That said, at times I miss the spontaneity of simply calling a girl more or less at random and meeting her an hour later. However, I certainly have had many lousy experiences that way, too.

    I bring this up because, with CL and other boards out there, it's so easy to find providers who are available quite literally in real time, that I wonder if I'm making life more difficult that it need be.