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  1. Chefkwon

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    I have been there before and after....same ole same ole....had Loo-Wee and left feeling like "damn, wish Seoul was opened so I could see Laura"...I, like my friend above have re-located my endeavors to Conn. Things seem a bit to steamy in NJ. Be careful boys, remember, LE uses our info for intel too.
  2. Bacchus


    Was there last week and saw Youmi. Not bad I agree that I don't think anything other than hr is going on there. As I was there, somebody walked in definitely new to the game or LE. I could hear everything that was said between him and the massage girl. I started to get a little nervous at that time. This guy came in just before my flip, there was a few words between Mamasan and girls in korean. This was my first time there since last October.

  3. coreman


    Youmi was great, very into the teasing part of the section. I doubt true extras are available.
  4. bergen


    went last week and will be going back even though it scares the hell out of me that they were busted and just reopened. during the table shower the little guy jumped to life and yoomi payed extra special care to making sure he was cleaned. i motioned for a hr right there and she told me she would when we got into the room. she asked if i wanted 2 cups and of course i said yes. started with a very extended tickeling period and then flipped over for a great release. flipped again for the massage, which was very good. ended with another soft touch massage before flipped over for 2nd hr. tipped $50.
  5. shorty


    went to the new ion spa today. it's definitely new management. The new mamasan is very friendly and speaks engrish fairly well. Was told they had a "new girl" and did I want to try. since they're all new, i figure why not.

    I get assigned loo-wee (as in louie). About 25 (realistically), 5'2, a little baby fat, nice full b cups, a nice firm full ass (unusual for an asian girl). Absolutely no engrish what so ever. don't bother with the conversation.

    The TS was plain jane at best. I did notice that they had a clean stack of wash clothes and she pulled a clean one off the pile to wash me down. She did a nice job overall but when it came to washing Shorty Jr, she put a wash clothe there and put my hand on it. I took my hand off and put her hand on it and said "it's okay - you wash" which she did a lame job off.

    The massage was decent. Nothing to write home about. She put a sheet on and I immediately pulled it off and she obliged. without the "AMP soft massage", she asked me to flip and massaged my front. I thought for a second "I guess they've gone legit", but then I noticed the oil and tissue box in the corner (standard stock for HJ joints). She finishes up and smiles at me and I nonchalantly point to junior, she smirks and starts with the feather light massage. roaming was allowed on top but she pulled my hand when I went underneath on the bottom. She did let me get down her blouse to play with her soft b cups. I asked to see and she adamently said no. finished up and went back to get dressed.

    I don't think I'll be back to see louie but this place is one of my favs from the past. I'll give them a couple of more shots before I give up on them.
  6. momomini


    No extra's and nothing outside at SM.
  7. Breezy


    Any Extras from Yoomi?

    Hi Coreman How was Yoomi for your session? What extras? Any outside possibilities?

  8. conoworld


    It's always been a place that you pay the house and tip at the end. for future visits, which I wouldn't be making anytime soon. these places are always about first impressions. though I do not condemn the attempt for a freebie you will be remembered. happy hunting
  9. ronjd


    They won't forget you that's for sure. Were you planning on going back?
  10. coreman


    Whoa ease up there loony buddy. I don't see where you make the completely illogical jump from, me almost getting away without paying the house to I "must blindly support the president." And I broke the law just entering the place, so let's not bring the justice system into this just yet.

    First, I'm a far left liberal. Second, I just was curious as to what would happen. Plus, i just decided the share, what i thought, was an interesting story.

    So sorry, Loony "I'm a major stockholder in Ion Massage and overall upstanding citzen" Tunes, that you are so offended by what I did.
  11. LoonyTunes


    future politician?

    You attempted to rip them off!! And we gotta respect that effort! Can I assume you also blindly support the president. You seem to share the same attitude. "Hey I broke the law but it was for a good reason, you gotta respect the effort."

    The only difference is you seemingly felt shame and faced the consequences.
    Good luck in your campaign, Senator Coreman.
  12. coreman


    So, I went today, no second cup, but it was an above average TS, average albeit short massage and very good release. Yoomi, probably about 30, i'd give her a 7. $40 tip she seemed very happy with.

    Listen to this though, so, they didn't charge me on the way in, so I thought they may have forgotten, and believe me I wasn't going to say anything. So, when my attendent led me to the door I just left. But, lo and behold they came outside and yelled at me as i was going to my car. So, not wanting a scene in very, very public location I went from thinking I pulled a fast one, to going back with me tail between my legs...

    Hey, ya gotta respect the effort.
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  14. Hom-sup


    I hate going to this place. It's smack in the middle of a strip mall next to a huge buffet place. I'm so afraid of bumping into a friend or relative.
  15. firecracker


    I was there today. It's called ION SPA. Had Mimi. Good massage and release; roaming was no problem. $50 plus tip.
  16. nj342


    pchotmail...thanks - i haven't been there in a while, but i was curious. it's close by. more recently i've switched my allegiance to the state of ct.
  17. pchotmail


    nj342 ... Same service as before... 2-3 girls working... don't know if there are new owners ... Tina was working there before they closed... It's been about 6 months.. She hasn't been working anywhere else.. She remembered me from the other time i was there. Good massage with a little roaming during the finish.
  18. Zoltan


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  19. ticklevids



    thats news to me... can anyone else confirm this? I remember the article about Sports Massage in the paper but not anything about clients.
  20. michael_4222


    Now if only Seoul Therapy across the road would also reopen it would be back to the good old times... :)

    Is Summi still the mamasan at Sports? I'd love to go there just to say hi to her and have her do her playful stuff - she was always fun though a bit nutty...