Sportsexy - Totowa, NJ

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by JamesRoweSr, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Tall New Yorker

    Tall New Yorker

    The website says it's open Wed-Fri at 5 PM, Sat. at 8 PM. Overall, the place sounds like the Showtime Cafe in North Bellmore, LI.
  2. tacothing


    I stopped by the other day for lunch and the place was not even open.
  3. TNA


    Adult Hooter's

    No question... this place is a complete waste of time for anything but PG rated action if not G rated. Eye candy. That's all... NOT a strip club, but just a sports bar-restaurant.

    Defintely better fish to fry within a ten mile radius...
  4. iliketang



    It's all in the name. The events they have would be the same if Hooters held them. Will see more at the beach then Sports Sexy or Hooters.
  5. njbandit


    From what I've heard, this place is basically a more adult themed Hooters? I've been wanting to check out the "amateur" wet t-shirt contests they have.
  6. JamesRoweSr


    OK, first off this place is clearly zero mileage. In fact, I think they set my odometer back three miles by the time I left. It's really no more than an Applebee's for perverts.

    But, most of us are perverts, so I thought I'd check in with some insight. This place is located on Route 46 East. I've driven past it many times, and always wondered what it was about.

    A real negative is the recent attire change. The girls all wear real low cut tops, but apparently they used to parade around in extremely short shorts. Now they are in tight pants...not the same at all.

    The thing I wanted to mention, however, was the bubble bath wrestling I witnessed on Wednesday night at 11 PM. Apparently this kind of event is a weekly feature. They have a giant tub and before you know it, that hot waitress you saw ten minutes before is glistening in suds and wrestling another chick.

    What they actually do is auction each girl off so someone can become her "manager," meaning you sit tubside and wipe bubbles off her face. I'm a cheap fuck and had no interest in going for that.

    One 'ho actually started giving her manager a quick lapdance in full view of the crowd. I thought she seemed like a nasty bitch until then. Actually my opinion hasn't changed, but I'm not only cheap, but a prick.

    Anyway, this is clearly a diversion from the usual activity we discuss here, but since I'm scared of drinking from glasses and eating the food at most go go bars, it's fun being in a place where I was able to do that. Plus, there is no dollar train to deal with, and most of the help is friendly and cute, and showing some of their assets off.