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  1. BigRiddah


    Finally had good weather today so I spent it at the beach, at the pool, even inside taking a nap from all the sun, so no afternoon chicas today.

    First stop tonight was Carolinas. I got there about 8:30 pm & was approached by Diana, 33 yr old chica from Bogota, 5 ft 3 in. Enhanced chest. Just about all the girls are mothers, but Diana is crossing over into the MILF kind of look. We got each other's motors going & she didn't need lube. I find that many of the girls in their late 20's or early 30's are better than the 25 yr olds who are super hot but fresh to this line of work. Diana is in Room #17. Good time. $3 for the bar fee & $50 for the girl.

    After my time with Diana, I went to the adjoining restaurant next door run by a mix of Chinese & local Caribbean who all speak English & Spanish considering the customers and the working girls next door. Within minutes of sitting down, I got a call from my friend ptalover and we agreed to meet at the restaurant or Seaman's in about an hour. For appetizer, I ordered the Frikandel special, a long skinless, dark-coloured meat sausage which is deep-fried, cut open length-wise and filled with finely chopped onion, mayonnaise & a curry sauce. For entree the chicken & broccoli with fried rice. $14 for both.

    I didn't visit any chicas yesterday Tuesday since I needed to take a break from the chicas. In my previous post, I rolled the dice on LE Petite Chateau this Wednesday afternoon & had an OK time.

    Tonight I met my friend ptalover at El Capitan and the goal was to find the chica I had spotted this afternoon at the restaurant at Carolinas. While I didn't meet the desired girl, I did hang at the bar with the dark morena Lapicia from Dominican Republic. Claims to have been at the club for 3 days total: 1 day flight, 1 day salon hair & nails, 1 day at club. She seemed nice enough but I didn't feel like rolling the dice again, so a few minutes after my friend went to the room with his chica, I tipped her for her time, left El Capitan and went to Seamans / Hypnotic just down the alley.

    At Seamans, I saw Lucy was free and eventually took her back to her room, #102, for the hour. Glad I didn't roll the dice on Lapicia at EC. Great session with Lucy & I think we both enjoyed it. Petite spinner chica, light skin, enhanced chest. She will be on St Martin through at least the middle of February, possibly March. I asked if she would leave for Christmas, but no she will be on island.

    Stopped & got shawarma. As ptalover said, late night shawarma is the food equivalent of the post-chica cigarette.
    Had dinner with ptalover & friends.

    Just after midnight, I went to Seaman's & found Adriana. Sat down & bought her a drink. But I didn't see Lucy, so I asked Adriana about her friend Lucy & she suggested I do doubles with them both. I agreed & she left to go find her. She came back & now I got 2 chicas in my lap, one on each leg.

    Eventually we got it on. No lesbian or Bi action but all focused on me. Crazy hot time. BJ from both at the same time, 69, lactating tetas, cowgirl, doggy. Banging one in reverse cowgirl with the other stuffing as much tetas as possible into my mouth, and finger banging her too. They are each good & possibly very good individually, and together they are fantastic. Adriana is leaving on Saturday so this threesome was perhaps the the last shot at them both. $6 for bar fee. $100 for each, plus tip for each. Well worth it.

    Left the club with a grin on my face and got post-chica shawarma. This island vacation is great. I'm still tired from last night. Probably going to take a nap.
    Tale of Two Nicole-s and Two new Dancers.

    One Nicole at Seamans is half Dominican & half Filipino. Snagged me at Seamans outside the entrance and already giving me kiss on the cheek & feeling up my crotch. Follows me to the bar & I buy her a drink, talk to her for a bit. She seems nice enough personality & physically but I wasn't interested in her 8 days ago and still not into her yesterday. I sent her away politely with some cash.

    The other Nicole is at Carolinas. I would describe her as visually as "Good from afar, but far from good." In the darkness and the loud bass-thumping music of the club, I thought I was getting a visually hot 20's girl with a flat stomach, bouncing ass, enhanced chest, and deliberately put on husky voice. In bright light of the room, her body was indeed as nice as I had thought. However what I once thought was a great looking face was make-up / cosmetics that is masterfully applied & perfectly layered to give you that younger "Hey Fuck me" look. She was wearing colored & patterned contact lenses so the eyes aren't real. She almost always has her hair pulled tight to the scalp in a pony tail plus a always husky voice gave her a much more fierce appearance with all that eye liner & eye brow war-paint, and all together not much of a turn on. That said, I went through the motions & she is an OK average session. Nothing to complain about in that regard. She admits to being 31 and has on child, lives in Bogota. Almost forgot, she has a speaker for music in her room & had a very strange mix of American music, specifically we were getting it on to Metallica "Anywhere I roam" and "Enter Sandman". That music choice might work for some but since I actually know those songs, I didn't find it appropriate & it wasn't working for me.

    Two new ladies arrived at Seaman's & were dancing on the stage to reggaeton music. Both hot dark hair spinners, medium color complexion, & one danced topless for a bit with appears to be good sized perky natural breasts. They appear to be in their 20s and I was told by another girl that they actually live in the USA. I didn't get their names but if they can move like that in the room on a bed, then I'm sure someone will be posting more about them. Though for some reason I got the impression from that other girl that they might be dancers only, but why hire dancers only in a brothel especially when they aren't going to make nearly as much cash dancing for tips.
  2. Dschrute


    BigRiddah, thanks for the heads up. I'll let you know how it works out.
  3. BigRiddah


    I visted back in November. Since girls are temporary and the clubs change it up, thus the reports on girls and other info might be out of date. Below is a collection of reports about my time in St Martin.
    10 chicas in 9 days. 2 TLN. 1 TLD. I left the friendly island exhausted. Yet, there were certainly some cuties that I wanted to try but didn't get a chance.

    The cost per chica is crazy dirt cheap for what you are getting. $106 for an hour of possible GFE but not always. It really depends on the chica & your ability to communicate. Just about none of them are going to BBBJ by default. I did not name who did as I know that each girl is different & may not do it with you, thus YMMV.

    Regarding their interactions with guys, many of them act out a script of sorts. ptalover hit it on the the head with the script in heavily accented English: "What joo name? Where joo fron? Joo want sucky sucky, fucky fucky?" Its at that point it is up to you to demonstrate that you are not just another random guy who would find a robotic fuck-doll to be enough. Or maybe it is enough for some. But it isn't enough for me.

    So my spanish has picked up compared to last year. Its not like I can discuss politics in espanol but I think I surprised a number of the girls. I don't know about offline translation on Apple IOS or anything else but at least on android platform, Google's own Translate app can download languages so that they can be used offline in airplane mode. I used it a couple times toward the end of my trip. Certainly made it easier to figure out what she wanted.I compliment them & joke with them. With the ones that I didn't find that attractive, I at least tried to be polite. If you hang around the club enough, the chicas will talk to each other about you. Based on other conversations & looks, I am certain that they were talking about me after I had left for the night.

    I know its hard for married guys or guys coming from the cruise ships, but if you can, shower just before going to the club. Oh and being clean shaven on the face & down below helps tremendously. They aren't saying it out loud but I can tell they appreciate proper hygiene & grooming. The idea is that most guys do not want a machete to hack through a girls Bush to find the hole, and similarly a girl does not want to find stinky dick or swamp-ass on a guy. I understand if you have a significant other & can't groom too much or then she would be clued into something going on.

    I switch between 2 different cologne & got a bunch of favorable comments in English and Spanish about smelling good. Multiple times I was asked what brand cologne as it is a famous designer but not a scent that you will smell everywhere. Shakira from CasaBlanca guessed my cologne correctly. Impressive.

    I try not to be cheap and instead be generous as I can afford it. The exchange rate of the US dollar to the Colombian peso makes it so that a $5 or $10 tip is something of worth & is appreciated. One day I brought 24 pieces or $50 of KFC fried chicken to Carolinas. Another day I brought pastries to Seamans. Buy the girl you are interested in a drink. Even buy the other chicas drinks. Offer to buy drinks after you gave them fried chicken. It works.

    If you can, give tips. One night in Carolinas, I accidentally left my watch in the room of a chica after a session. So I found another chica not busy and asked her to take me back to the desk-side & talk to the desk lady. The desk lady let me go knock on the chica's door. I got my watch back with a hug. I then gave the chica who assisted me a tip of $10. A couple nights later, I wanted to find Jennifer to do a TLN. One chica Patricia (Patty) told me that she had been Jennifer's roommate and then Jennifer had moved to Seamans. I thanked Patty & tipped her a $20. Then I was off to Seamans.

    The alley between El Capitan and Seamans has been cleaned up. It was quite overgrown and narrowing the path for car traffic. On Monday there must have been at least 3 if not 4 guys with machetes, rakes, shovels, leaf blowers all used to trim back the growth and removed the debris and trash. Certainly made it easier to drive through the alley and visit Seamans. Now that the alley is cleared: walking between Carolians & El Capitan / Seamans can be done in the day, but I wouldn't recommend it at night. Just too many unknowns in the dark. Why risk it?

    I don't remember this policy from last year, but Carolinas & Seamans desk management will ask for I'd when doing a TLN. I am pretty sure they photocopied my driver's license. I can see why they might want that info but I hope they destroy that photocopy after the chica has returned safely.

    I carry Altoids breath mints with me, specifically the spearmint flavor. The peppermint flavor is wonderful if you just ate onions & garlic but I find it to be too strong for my palate. Most if not all chicas had never seen it before & I offered it freely. I brought three of those metal tins with me to SXM and gave away 2 of them.

    For the TLN & TLD, I made the chicas breakfast. I enjoy cooking & since my hotel room was setup with food & cookware, I found it to be an effortless task. I know they appreciated it.

    As of Nov 16, the managers of Seamans & Carolinas figure out that with the limitied number of chicas at Seamans, that they should rotate the girls between the clubs so that there is constant variety. So previous reports may not be accurate.

    Lorena, at Seamans when I saw her. Slim petite spinner all natural 26 years old, straight hair is naturally black but dyed dark maroon. Sweet sweet girl. Really did spin when changing positions. If you are gifted with extra size, you may get denied access. We had a discussion on penis size after the session. Enlightening but hilarious. Saw her twice.

    Angela, at Carolinas when I saw her. Thin flaka chica, some tattoos, black hair, smaller natural breasts that fit her thin frame well. Really knows how to move it & groove it in missionary. Saw her once but wished I could again.

    CasaBlanca is the furthest from P'burg and since I stay on the Dutch side, it is the furthest that I have to drive. I made it OK in the dark with no GPS nav in the car or on a cell phone. Good selection of chicas at Casablanca. I met Shakira (medium skin-colored Dominicana, natural breasts) just as I walked in the door. Fortunately she had a good body and even better personality which made the session relaxed & pleasant.

    The managers of Seamans & Carolinas figure out that with the limitied number of chicas at Seamans, that they should rotate the girls between the clubs so that there is constant variety. So previous reports may not be accurate. I know for certain that yesterday Nov 19, Jenny, moved from Seamans to Carolinas. And that today Wed Nov 20, Natalia will move from Carolinas to Seamans.

    Lorena. Short, black hair, natural breasts, good English, did not have a session.
    Paulina. Taller side at least 5ft 7 if not 5ft 8, maroon-red hair, full booty & breasts, lighter skin, athletic session, take the hour & get a massage.
    So-rye. Quite short spinner, lighter skinned, seemed to be nice, did not have a session.

    Maria. Spinner type, did not have a session.

    El Capitan:
    Rosy. Dominicana, natural breasts with some sag, nice booty & not too big, not dark but medium skin color, nice session.
  4. Dschrute


    Heading down in march. Any updates?
  5. ptalover


    St Maarten-- Putas

    Some interesting discoveries.

    I have been seeing Sonya room 17 at Carolinas every day. Very beautiful, very hygienic- world class BJ.
    Each time winds up to be an hour and a half very well worth the investment.

    The last few days there has been some kind of party at Casa Blanca.
    The parking lot is full and a line at the door with guys and their lady friends entering. There is a cover charge of $10- to enter, I don't pay to ENTER a brothel. I really wanted to plug into Flacka but I assume the party will be over soon although it was going on Friday-Sunday so far.

    I skip Sunset Retreat as the parking lot creeps me out.

    Defiance has only about 7-8 Chicas Toftt and did Sonya room 211- gordita with some skills-but I would pass on the club unless there is a better selection. In the past there were some world class chicas there. Valentina is still burned into my mind.

    A friend of mine from Curacao wrote me and said that Jennifer room 6 was going to be at Carolinas, she started Wednesday. I called her and made a date for 9 PM. I entered the club but no one knew her. I was trying to slip in and slip out without Sonya seeing me. Then someone said she was in the restaurant. I called her phone and she was at the first table. An absolutely stunning blonde with an amazing figure and beautiful smile greeted me. I had not had dinner so we ate together. The food at Carolinas is quite good. After we ate we went to the room, I would highly recommend her. Although Overall between Sonya and Jennifer it is a tough choice but I would go with Sonya. I tried to exit quickly through the restaurant, but the door was closed, and as luck would have it Sonya was at the door-SNAGGED- lets see what happens tomorrow.

    El Capitan has a few specials Tanya is very good. I first met her in 2008 on a party on my boat, she still rings my bell, she is rather jealous as I also went, at the owners suggestion, with Beronica- a very tall thin Domincana- you can't go wrong with either if you have game.
  6. ptalover


    There will be more chicas than you can handle.
    your hotel is 5 minutes from the mongering, use a car --do not walk even between the clubs, The first brothel you pass is Petite Chateau, a bar for locals with many many gorditas--ship it and keep driving. about another mile is
    Carolinas first on the right, crystal across the street and around the corner (DO NOT WALK) El capitan
    and down the alley alongside El Capitan Seamans should cost 50 for hh.

    you are right on the beach--nice spot. just head north out of town, go to the traffic circle on salt pond. go down salt pond road and about a mile down is carolonas on your right--no sign. it Is just after to the youth center, You can enter through the Chinese restaurant or down a hallway to the left. it opens 11-12--chicas are done by 4 pm.
    Open again at 8 pm till whenever. If you want to go out at night the westin hotel has lighted courts and Is about 12 minutes from your hotel past all the brothels. Casa Blanca is dangerous at night.
  7. Phish


    I am lining up an excuse for each day (Maybe at least 3 days of 5). I play tennis and she does not so I am going to say I am hedding for a game of tennis and slip out. I will be at the Sea palace right on the beach in phillipsburg. Also plan on having a rental car.. so it will be convenient.

    I wil be there the week before christmas, i hope many chicks don't beat it during that time..
  8. ptalover


    Try to let me know where your time share is.
    all the brothels are within 5 minutes of each other. By November 9 I will be on island and if you post I will give you a heads upon my findings.
    Many chicas go home for Christmas.
    However they now have 6 month visas with multiple entries so they can come and go.

    as a ps if you want to get away from your SO you can tell her you are going to the cock fights with a friend.-Me. women almost never go. Cock fighting is the legal sport of Sint Maarten.
  9. Ramanator


    Newbies visiting

    Hi guys, I'll be visiting SXM for first time tomorrow for three days. Will be following up on the excellent and most helpful suggestions here. If anyone's around to catch up, that'd be great.

  10. ptalover


    loose the GF

    Where are you staying. the casas are minutes from phillipsburg. once i know i am sure i can hook you up with an excuse for every day, cock-fights, nature reserve up a mountain, 12 meter boat sailing, iguana farm.
    or hang out with one of my male friends who lives on island and knows the ropes.
  11. Phish


    I will be visitng St. maaten in december for a week. I have managed to get a time share that my friend owns, I thinks its on the phillipsburg board walk, the only problem is that my Long term GF will be with me, so I have to find the right time to do the dissapearing act.

    I love Colombian's and have had many in Peru, Argentina, Brazil & Chili, they are are true GFs and I am looking forward to this trip!

    I was originally think that its going to be a lame ass boring trip...
  12. ptalover


    Chicas Sunday
    My problem this week is that I have to skype one novia in Medellin and another in Bogota every night as they are worried that I might be doing exactly what I am doing.

    So, I have to do my thing and then rush back to the boat to write to both of them and that they can see me in my cabin.

    Since I have workers on the boat early, I can not go back out later as I do need a little sleep. So tonight I limited myself to "p" at El Capitan. Fortunately Beronica was not in the bar and when she entered "p" was on my lap. I just shrugged at her and said Manana.--Had a nice time with "p"

    Still being horny i went to see Karina room 21 at Carolinas she really likes me and gave me........... which was wonderful..
    Took a short breat at he chinese restaurant at Carolinas. The food is surprisingly good. I particularly like the Frinkendel which is like a spicy Dutch hot dog cut down the middle stuffed with fresh onions and a nice sauce. The soup #5 is also a meal in itself--but back to mongering.

    I was thinging about heading to Defiance, but i was hoping to get to the boat by 11 which is 10 in Colombia, So i went to Seamans. I saw Sophia again, she gets better with time. breat bbbj and other nice moves, Please remember ymmv. She said she is leaving on the 12th and there will only be 4 chicas in the club later in the month. I believe the owner of Seamans is having problems with his license and he is currently limited to only 10 chicas.

    I now have to start forensic work in my cabin as my novia from Medellin is coming in on Wednesday and she has blonde hair. I have been picking up long black hair from all over the boat and shower. I also have to wash my dirty laundry , , sheets towls, and beddingas it smells of smoke ,perfume, bar, and pussi.
    She arrives Wednesday so my mongering will end tuesday night.

    However if any of you want to hang out while i am here till the 11th. Just drop me a note. I am sure I can get away for a little time.
    You have NEVER seen jealousy until you have seeen a jealous Colombiana.
  13. ptalover


    Saturday Night

    I now know why many chicas left the club Friday night. As I was driving back from the ships store today I saw a sign that said Daddy Yankee was at the Carnival Friday night, Wow was I bummed out. I really like reggatone and he is the Elvis of that music.

    In any event after dinner I went to El Capitan for Beronica room 2, she has some very interesting moves, very prety all naturan no boobs to speak of.

    I sat in the bar and had a coke, that rejuvinated me but I figured I was done for an hour or two.

    I left El C and drove down to Seamans just to see if there was something special in the bar. Standing in the parking lot was Rosie, the BJ queen of St Martin. I knew if there was a woman on the island to get a second pop out of me it was her. I don't know how she is still on the island as she has been there for at least 4 years and has her own room along the side of seamans.

    Needless to say she did her magic.

    Being the greedy monger that I am I was still thinking about Karina, I don't know what it is about her but we actually have some great chemistry.

    I just wanted to see her and chat in the bar. She is not a fat girl, I would say she is athletic with great beautiful boobs, a very nice face, tall, and amazing hair.

    I still can't get over the fact that she remembered me and the boat from 2010. I decided to go back to the room with her just for a massage and to feel her silky skin.

    I told her how bummed out I was about missing daddy yankee and she said that was what she was trying to tell me last night In any event one thing lead to another and we wound up spending 2 hours in her room. It was SPECTACULAR YMMV. I would like to take her to the boat, she even offered a freebie, but the boat is being worked on and it is a mess. Possibly Monday night. It was funny that after we were showering after our time together, she said she was now tired and needed a red bull.

    We entered the bar about 12:30-1 and it was jumping. So I excused myself as she had work to do.

    I am sure I will be with her again tomorrow night after the cock fights, and I will definitely see her in Bogota, she said things are much more tranquil in her area, which it is and we would have a wonderful time. She is single with no children which is unusual. She is saving her money to buy her own apartment and a business. We spoke about restaurants in Bogota and we have the same favorite Pesqueria Jamarillo- a world class seafood restaurant-imagine king crab thermidor-astounding- all in all a very special night
  14. ptalover


    Karina room 21 Carolinas-st Maarten

    I arrived here late in the day.

    By the time I put things away and got cleaned up it was monger time.

    I went to Carolinas as I wanted to see Karina. After researching some old photos I finally found her photo.

    She is a tall athletically built chica with a great figure. She was not in the bar and the bar was kind of underpopulated as many chicas went to Carnival.

    I asked for her but no one knew where she was. I went in the back and the lady at the desk said she was in her room. I went to room 21 and knocked on the door.

    She was very happy to see me.

    We went to the bar as she wanted a whisky, I offered her the money for the whiskey instead of ordering it, However she really wanted a drink. We sat and talked at the bar and then spent 1 1/2 hours in the room. She is quite special. She invited me to her apartment in Bogota later this year and I think I will take her up on her offer. After a long day, I called it quits, had a schwarma and I am now back on the boat. She really wore me out.

    Great Chica.
  15. ptalover



    Have anyone here been to Campo?
    It is the Disneyland of brothels. anywhere from 125-150 chicas open 24 x 7
  16. ptalover



    There are two brothels in St Thomas that I know of.
    One downtown and one past Redhook and past Sapphire about a mile down the road on the left in a Spanish section. It used to be painted blue.
  17. mnjao


    Sorry ptalover I am stucked in St thomas for a while....I have some medical issue......I will write here later when I find out when I will be in st marteen....have fun ;-)
  18. ptalover


    Get together on St Martin

    I will be on St Martin if anyone wants to hang out from this Friday till May 10.
    Just write..
  19. ptalover



    I will be on Island next week. I could meet you at the greenhouse restaurant between the cruise ship terminal and town. If you like i can bring a few chicas for you and suggest a short stay place away from the tourists.
  20. ptalover


    Bogota June 15

    I will also be in Bogota and Medellin starting June 15 for about 2 weeks.
    Just drop me a note here if you will be in either town.