Stamina with your provider?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by rocketman29, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. DaveNJ


    I always (or as often as I can) take care of myself before my appointment, so that I can last a while and enjoy the sex. Many of the girls I see don't offer a second pop so I want to enjoy the first one as much as I can. I hate dropping all that money when the main event ends 10 minutes later. If I knew there was a second pop, I wouldn't mind the first one being a quickie. But since most girls I see (AMP girls) don't offer it, I try to savor the sex as much as possible by a lot of foreplay, stopping when I get to close to the "edge" and waiting before I continue. Tantric sex provides a much more enjoyable finish and at 160 a pop with second cups sometimes unavailable, I want to get my money's worth.
  2. RoosterC74


    The number of pops is not as important to me as the quality of them.
  3. fumpton


    i pretend i'm with another provider who I haven't banged yet or haven't banged in awhile.
  4. paulbunyon


    I have a great idea and it works for me every time I'm with a provider: Just pretend that you're with your GF/Significant Other and you'll probably be able to last as long as you want! :)
  5. tigerguy


    The question is not clear. Do you mean stamina in foreplay ending in fucking (intercourse) or stamina in continuous fucking?

    I don't know the typical split in foreplay time versus fucking time for others. As for me, I can only pop once in an hour session , so my goal is to do as long a foreplay as I can and fuck to pop in the last 15minutes. I never fuck more than 15 minutes, either I couldn't control myself and pop, or the fucking got too boring and tiring.
  6. Psychosis


    When I see a provider I usually pop once and I leave even if its before my time is up. It usually takes me anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to pop and I know I can stay and have a second cup with most but I choose not to because I really don't want the idle chit chat that goes on while getting ready. I don't want to know her problems or history and I don't tell them mine so I prefer to jump on, get off and get off and leave.
  7. tricomonger


    If they let you pop in the TS there's usually plenty of time for round 2 at the end. That's if you have a place where your a regular and know the providers. I go to 9E as often as I can make time and afford it, but the f--- girls keep changing. Plan B is always to yank it before mongering and have a few cocktails. My 2 cents
  8. Ganbei


    It depends, sometimes I like to get one out quickly, then relax and enjoy the massage and "TRY" for round 2 before times up. Usually, it's enjoy the massage and other activities, then get one out, hot towel clean up and out the door. 3 times????????, haven't seen that in years.
  9. hanginlow


    I build up and by the time I go to a provider I blow my load in like two minutes. Unless I can calm myself down its over quick. And I like to go for as many as I can in the hour to hold me over for awhile.
  10. wheninvegas2005


    I try to last as long as I can...but sometimes it's a losing battle. I think it's important to get a provider who works with you to drag things out and get a low build up with a nice finish. Most girls if they want to can finish me off pretty quick...heck they're pros. In another post someone said they take pain killers before a session or dig a nail in their neck to prolong.
  11. ollumi


    I've had maybe 3 sessions in the past 5 years where I've had the quick release without forcibly thinking myself into it. Guess I'm just a slow cooker
  12. ecpaul


    ROFL "release the demons." Damn reminds me of the movie Scary Movie (I saw just a clip sorry if I misquote the movie) where he shoots her up to the ceiling...sorry that image just popped into my head.
  13. yamaha


    don't really care once, twice, or three times as long as i enjoy all of them. most of the time i like a good build up and then i release the demons.
  14. rocketman29



    Well if you can fuck for the whole hour, more power to you. By the time I get to a provider, I may be so backed up I don't know when it will go.
  15. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    Given the choice, I'd much rather fuck for the whole hour and just pop once at the end instead of needing a 20 minute break after the first pop to try to get a second one in.

    Getting there is more than half the fun.
  16. ecpaul


    It sounds like an Olympic event now. I guess I would go in and do what I feels is good for me, I'm not really there to impress the provider. I'm not having a heart attack over a 2nd and 3rd nut, 2 is my max and I don't wanna be picked up by the paramedics at a cheap hotel or povider's place.

    Oh hell no. I'm just glad I'm fucking sometimes and don't really care about the "nut scale".
  17. rocketman29


    I read a recent post where one guy stated he popped twice in a 15 minute session without the provider even knowing he did. This brings to me to ask:

    Do you guys try to last long with your provider during your session or try for as many pops as allowed in the time frame purchased even if it is quick?

    Personally, I prefer to get as many nuts off as I can within the time just to satisfy my urges and hold me over for a while. I mean, I would rather not pop in 2 minutes, but if it happened, there is always round 2.