Discussion in 'New York' started by ck1, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. yungnlernin


    seen the posts for all the other girls, but can't bite because i've heard too much crap about that agency
  2. firecracker


    Sounds great except for the cbj.
  3. ck1



    first off this is definitely an agency who sets up shop in chelsea and is known for putting up fake pics, for some reason this seemed legit so called up an made same day appointment for late afternoon and it turns out that it is definitely the same girl, she might have put on a few pounds tho, but very attractive puerto rican girl, early 20's pretty tall and very thick. Nice breasts C cups, although they do seem to sag a little. Started off with her checking ID and then got to business. Nice CBJ with her making eye contact, led to some CG and then RCG. The 30 minutes were going by pretty fast so wanted to finish doggie while massaging that thick ass, all in all pretty decent, girl is definitely at least an 8 face and body wise, if you like thick latinas, and pretty decent personality, although a little cold in the beginning. total damage $160 for the 1/2...