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  1. Psychosis


    Its not incorrect. The risk in oral sex is more for the person performing than for the receiver thats all. Risk is risk. Recently there was a study that said the reason no medical agency is sure about HIV transmission with oral sex is because of the studies that they have done (CDC) with the people who believe they got HIV thru oral sex cannot be proven because the persons that was being studied did not engage in oral sex only all the time so the study was rendered useless. All these guys that think I cant get nothing from DATY are just kidding themselves. I have read the prior threads and I find it very difficult to believe how misinformed or how naive people are to HIV and STD issues. While there is a lot of correct info there are also a few things that are misunderstood. Lets face it when it comes to HIV there are many ways to be infected. For instance there is a case where a nurse was infected by a prisoner in a hospital when blood that was coming from him got into her eye and she was infected because it went thru the mucos membrane of the eye into her bloodstream. This case was years ago in the late 80's I believe. Having dated someone who worked in the HIV/AIDS field a while back she had told me of some cases that the person got infected in other ways besides the usual. Just like some guys have this belief that if they double bag it is safer when most places say it is more dangerous because now u have rubber against rubber causing friction which gives u a greater chance of the condom breaking. Bottom line is that no matter what you do u r at risk. Nothing is 100% safe. For instance u can be tested today and appear to be safe. But it normally takes 3 to 6 months for HIV antibodies to show up in the blood so just because it is not found today doesn't mean your safe. The only way to make sure is to abstain from sex for 6 months from your last possible exposure then get tested to get an accurate result. Or u can get a PCR test which looks for the actual virus and will find it within a week of infection but this is an expensive test. It all boils down to let the buyer beware.
  2. sean960



    That happens to be incorrect,read some prior threads on the subject,or do some research,the risks are much less with DATY.
    (not to say there aren't any,but nothing close to BBFS)
  3. gritsman


    Even if a porn star doesn't have HIV, for which they are tested constantly, there has reportedly been a big outbreak of all kinds of STDs ... Risks porn stars take in the line of duty, yes, but not risks YOU, the wholesome hobbyist, ought to be paying to take! (Not that I haven't had plenty of unprotected intercourse in the last couple of years, but at least I know where to find (all but one of) my sex partners, and spent enough time with (all but one of) them to know their deal. And the stray one-nighter was mostly just a blowjob anyway.)
  4. Psychosis


    Guys take the same risk when they visit a provider and DATY. You can get diseases like this also but it doesnt stop the guys from doing it. Dont get me wrong, I would never do BBFS but u guys have to realize that a risk is a risk.
  5. bigyi21


    im sure its safer to have bbfs with a porn star rather than an average provider considering porn stars nowadays go for reg std checkups.
  6. jseah


    Re: Russian roulette

    A moron plays Russian Roulette.....
    A REAL moron plays Russian Roulette using a semi-auto.....
  7. steamman


    Russian roulette

    No thanks, I'd rather load a revolver with 2 bullets and take my chances. It's a lot less painful... no lingering death involved.
  8. hotdesi


    no doubt about that- i'm surprised a porn chick isn't smarter with escorting... I fifgure she's getting paid well to begin with.
  9. jazzmen


    When I read a post like this I jsut cannot figure what can e so good that you would risk serious infection, or death, for a few minutes of bliss. I would rather go where no man has gone before via sone type of protection or back off and cut it short if riding wiht out a saddle is even discussed.
    Only my 0.02

  10. hotdesi


    so you had bbfs with her?

    That's fucked up!!!
  11. sekharck



    Pills, so she won't get big.
  12. rmj17


    "B/C/P" ???

    What is BCP? Thanks.
  13. sekharck


    RE:pSE encounter

    I have been with porn star Annie Andersin, a 6' tall blonde and previous porn star. You can book her thru Exotica-2000. She offers video too. Experience was great, just like I did a porn movie. She takes B/C/P, so no condoms etc., It was in Sept. of last year.

    I again met her during Turkey day and had a 3'some with her and her friend who had come from Sweeden, she was also 6'.

    If you want to experience playing porn, you got to see Annie. I don't know what and how much other PS do during their session.
  14. 1011sgh



    According to Eros, Gina Ryder will be visiting NYC this week. Also Bianca Trump will be visiting in March.

    Personally I've never gone the PSE route, and I have heard mixed reviews. Anybody care to share advice/opinions?