stephi of west palm

Discussion in 'Florida' started by thecat, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Ozzy


    She clearly points out on her site that she's in her 50's.... but seems she used pics from the 80's.
  2. thecat

    thecat No Alternative

    yea she is 57, and in great shape....10 mins from west palm airport.......
    you can check out her reviews under miami on ***.........
  3. jaderock



    Is she really 57? Seems a bit old to turn on many guys at that age unless you are in your 60's. If she is younger , what airport is she near and where did you get her number ?
  4. thecat

    thecat No Alternative

    the while stroking my inner thighs and my cock till iwas hard again.
    she led me to her bedroom sucked me some more and put a cover
    on. she got on all fours and told me she wanted me in her ass. she
    guided me in, and a started banger her while she used a vibrating
    dildo on her pussy. i came a few minutes later, she slowly pushed me out
    telling me that she loves it in the ass.....we cuddled kissed and made
    out then she led me out to the other room where she dropped my clothes.
    i got hard again looking at her sitting on a big chair. while i was putting on my shirt she pulled me to her and swallowed my cock. she was going to town for about 5 minutes but i couldnt cum.....i arrange to she her 2 days later.
    she told me she loved role play and wanted to get into the act the moment
    i got there......she offered teacher/ student, nurse/patient, mom/son
    boss/employee ect........i told steph that i would think about it. all i all
    an excellent gfe bbbjtcnqns, dfk, daty,greek gift 250 i was there 90 minutes.
  5. thecat

    thecat No Alternative

    i called stephi based on her reviews, which were very good and her close
    proximty of 10 minutes from the airport. called her when i landed and she
    gave me directions to her incall which is a house by the water.
    i ran the bell and she told me to come in. she was standing in the
    middle of the living room in heels and garter black bra and panties.
    i was hard as a rock looking at her as she approached me. she put her arms
    around me and gave me long sessions of dfk while gently stroking me
    through my pants. she then led me over to a fur covered day bed and
    disrobed me slowly while sucking my nipples and dk. when she got to my
    tented boxers she stepped back and said, 'show me that hard cock'. i
    removed my shorts while she laid on the 'couch' and then i went straight for
    daty. she was sweet and responsive. after awhile she pushed me off, laid
    me down and deep throated me up and down before i came in her mouth. i warned her i was about to shoot, she just kept going...'you taste good'
    was her response......we talked not about walks on the beach, but about
    her how she started in the business at age 46 which was 11 years ago.
    we talked about women and sex and how she loves roleplay and kink, all