Sting busts NJ Co, and a bser:

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Jack_Maehoffer, Jul 2, 2004.

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    James Finger? You have got to be kidding.

    BTW. That is a heckuva story by Mr Whilden. I don't think most wives fall for it, but if his did, all the more power to him.
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    I'm from south jersey and I know that....

    Millville is going thru a big economic boom, lots of new businesses moving in and they want to get rid of the crack whores peddling themselves close to the new multi million dollar Art District.
    Nothing for you guys to worry about...I don't think the people arrested ever come to the net looking for johns.
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    Don't you think from this statement that he should have known something was wrong? What self respecting whore only charges $20 for FS?
  5. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    Isn’t this overly, excessively, superfluously and very redundant ???????
    He’s just saying the same thing over and over.
    He said it a couple of times.
    He must be an Econ. Major.

    Millville is S. Jersey, ‘tween Philly & Atlantic Shity.
  6. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    Love that last line:

    "If the supply and demand is cut off, the prostitutes will move on and leave the area," the statement read.

    In other words, not in my back yard!
  7. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    Where exactly is Millville?
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    Prostitution sting nets 34
    Friday, June 25, 2004
    Staff Writer
    MILLVILLE -- The assistant superintendent at Bayside State Prison and a member of Millville's Board of Education head the list of 34 individuals arrested in a prostitution sting conducted by city police over the past several days.

    James W. Finger, who has worked in the state's prison system since 1984, and Michael J. Whilden, who recently began a fourth term on the city's BOE, have both been charged with soliciting a prostitute, according to information from the Millville Police. All suspects arrested were released on their own recognizance pending a court date.

    State Department of Corrections spokesman Matt Schuman said that Finger has already been reassigned, and will serve at an unspecified post pending the outcome of the legal proceedings. Finger, 57, could not be reached for comment at his Vineland home.

    Whilden, 47, who is an employee with Owen and Minor in West Deptford, said on Thursday that he plans to fight the charge in court.

    He claims he was only trying to get prostitutes off center city streets when he was arrested early Tuesday evening for soliciting an undercover female officer.

    "I was only trying to 'sting' the girl," Whilden said of the officer who posed as a prostitute. "I was trying to get her arrested by police... My only crime was being overzealous in trying to get her arrested."

    Whilden said that he often patrols the streets looking for prostitutes, in order to report them to community groups he serves on like the South Millville Neighborhood Watch.

    "I've been trying to get these hookers off the streets for years," he said.

    Whilden said he was patrolling the center city area of High Street in his car on Tuesday when spotted who he thought was a new female streetwalker.

    The BOE member said he was forced to park his car when his cell phone rang, and it was while he was parked that the woman approached him.

    "She propositioned me," Whilden said. "But I knew from police that I had to get her to say she would do it for money, or else they can't arrest her."

    He said he got the woman to say she charged "$10 for oral sex and $20 to go all the way" and that she "got very pushy" with him after that.

    "I was getting really nervous," Whilden said. "I hinted to her I had no money, but she continued to push."

    He said he never called police on his cell phone because he was afraid he would frighten the woman away, and he wanted her arrested.

    Whilden said he finally told the woman that he would go to the ATM at the Wawa on Second Street, and that she could meet him there if she wanted to.

    It was at the Wawa that the BOE member was arrested by police involved in the undercover sting. He later learned the woman who approached him was a police officer.

    "The police were very polite, but they wanted nothing to do with my story," he said.

    Whilden, who is married and has a 20-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter, said his wife knew of his attempts to get prostitutes off the streets, and had warned him he could get in trouble.

    "But I was being stubborn as usual and I didn't listen to her," he said.

    Police did not comment on Whilden's statements.

    Another 30 individuals were also charged with solicitation as a result of the sting, while two other suspects were charged with loitering for prostitution.

    The majority of those arrested reside in Millville, but two are listed as Bridgeton residents and five, including Finger, are from Vineland. Millville Police had undertaken the operation in conjunction with unspecified outside agencies.

    The sting was launched to deter people from picking up prostitutes that have been plaguing Millville for some time, according to statement from city Police Chief Ron Harvey.

    "If the supply and demand is cut off, the prostitutes will move on and leave the area," the statement read.