Strange MP incident - or was it just me?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by ArgentoLuna, Feb 21, 2003.

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  1. justme

    justme homo economicus

    He paid a bill in advance.

    As far as LE alarms, I've also gotten 'sensual' massage without release in the past (including about everything that he got and sometimes more). In my cases however, I never demanded service, but simply kept a bewildered look on my face and mumbled something about wanting just a little more*. I think there are women out there for whatever reason will deliver erotic light touch massges, but will not actually do handjobs**. The difference is that I don't tip for service until the end, so in those instances I was only out the door fee (which isn't to bad for the massages I got). The fact that she took the money up-front is what makes me suspect that this was just a hustle and not a misunderstanding.

    * - Actually, in one such instance, the massage was so great (and relatively cheap without a 'tip') that I just started seeing the girl for regular weekly massages. That was really terrific, because she had just been filling in for a friend (and probably wasn't too comfortable with the whole situation) at a seedy little amp location. When I saw her, however, it was at her aunts house in a fairly affluent suburban nighborhood.

    ** - Slinky might argue that there's no such beast and that any girl who says she won't do it is simply lying and scamming. Maybe I'm naive, but I disagree.
  2. *********


    If she stroked his cock it would already be held as lewding (anything below the neck & above the knee) so perhaps she was waiting to see benjies.
  3. teeduke


    Ripped off? Maybe.

    More likely you gave off LE vibes at precisely the wrong moment.
  4. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy

    You really didn't do anything that the rest of us wouldn't have done. Possibly though she may have thought that you were LE when you suggested the HR and by being polite and discreet her fears got the best of her. Why would she even bother stroking you if there wasn't a happy ending finale? Just a thought.
  5. njmalan


    I got screwed like that in NJ (aztec spa) for .60$ so the hurt wasn't as bad.
  6. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    I haven't been in a MP anywhere in the US in many years, but one thing I always thought could lead to this sort of problem is letting them know that you are from out of town, just a visitor passing through. You didn't say if you mentioned that to the woman or had to show an ID or anything, but if you did that might be why you got such a bad deal. If they think that there is little chance of you coming back anyway, they are more likely to leave you disappointed.

    Another possibility is that she was headed in the direction of providing you with the HR (certainly sounds that way from your description...already touching your balls and dick etc) but that you somehow set off her LE "alarms" when you asked for it directly.

  7. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    I think the rules are different in Colorado than they are around here, but all in all, you did nothing wrong, and just got hustled...
  8. drew_park


    Another tale...

    I was visiting Fort Walton Beach on the Panhandle and found an AMP in the sports pages of the local paper. Very similar to the ads in the Tampa Tribune. Found the place in a strip mall.

    Met at the door by the typical Korean waif. Paid the entry fee and led to massage room. Waited a while then she returned. Seems there was another customer in the shop and she was the only one working. So through the body shampoo and subsequent massage she's flitting inbetween rooms. Finally she gets done with the other fellow and he leaves.

    Now that I have her all alone I figure it's time for fun. After the "roll over" she teases a bit but seems hesitant to go further. I keep trying to politely cajole her but she's just not taking it. Finally she allows herself a simple HJ after which she seemed embarrassed.

    I was disappointed but at least I got the HJ!

  9. justme

    justme homo economicus

    I'd say you got hustled.

    (and for a Benjy, too. Ouch)
  10. Jarhead


    NOTHING: You got ripped off with suggestive marketing.

  11. ArgentoLuna


    After lurking for several weeks, my first post is about an MP encounter I had a while back in Colorado.

    I was in Colorado Springs, so I decided to check out this Latin MP that I'll leave nameless for now. Now I've had some experience with AMPs, and this place had all the signs of a "non-legit" place: all girls in their photo album in the lobby, all good-looking or somewhat so, skimpy outfits, open late hours, advertised as "full-body sensual oil massage."

    I went in the early evening, and was greeted by a 6-7 Latina dressed in a short skirt and low-cut, tight top. She let me in the door after I knocked, and took me back for a massage (she was the only one there). She took me to a small room with lots of mirrors, asked me to undress, collected the fee ($, which yes, is expensive). She didn't use a drape, but gave seriously the best massage I've ever had, and she used lots of light, erotic tough in all the right places.

    When I turned over, she continued the massage over my whole body, with the same great erotic touch that had its intended effects down below. Lots of touching with her body, dangling her breasts in my face, etc. She stroked the boys a few times, and lightly ran her hand along my shaft. I was certain I would get an HR, which I politely asked her for. At this point she got really mad, said it was insulting, and stormed out.

    Now realize, I was very polite the entire time, kept my hands to myself, didn't use vulgarity, etc. I even asked her for the HR very discretely. So my question is - what did I do wrong, if anything? She gave an amazing massage, both sensual and regular standards, great conversation, kind of flirtatious, but what happened on the happy ending? I don't consider myself an amateur, but I know I'm not as experienced as a lot of you guys. Any comments or suggestions for future reference? Thanks...