Street Action in DC

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by robsethi, Jan 17, 2003.

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  1. robsethi


    So, you're implying that these girls at archibald's can be had for after hours rendesvous... What prices would these be like?

    Also, if archibald's isn't the place, then can you let me know a good place to talk to hot strippers for after hours rendesvous?
  2. TrashMan



    Let me set you just a bit straight. Yes, there is plenty of action in DC. But no the girls you saw were not dancers from the club whose name is Archibalds. The reason I say this is
    1) The girls don't get off at midnight
    2) None of the girls I have ever seen at this club are less than a strong 8 and many are 9's and even a 10 or two.
    3) They usually don't dress in street hooker outfits coming and going to work and they would not be standing in a group out front after work hoping to get picked up. They get so many offers for after hours action inside the club that they don't need to stand outside hoping.

    What you saw dressed like super slut street hookers were exactly that, the regular K street crew that come out right at 11:30 to midnight every night and work K Street from 13th to 16th. They often will stand outside the club hoping to snag a drunk and horny club patron. Good business plan, it works.
    So now you have the real story.
  3. uptowngirls


    By the convention center on H street in Washington, in China Town I saw a few streetwalkers, some where very pretty, but some looked like they totally on drugs.
  4. robsethi


    I hear there's quite a lot of bush to be had near that address, too...
  5. Thorn


    14th St and Ave K. Three blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  6. robsethi


    Well, street action in DC is prevalent. I took a little ride around town, I figured I'd go to washington harbor (K & 30th), where they have some really good seafood and a few bars where chicks seem to be all too easy. While on the way, 2 cute young women started waving to me from their car at a red light. I waved back and one started chugging from a huge bottle of alcohol something. They yelled something a went speeding off. Friendly town, I guess. NPA might be a option around here.

    I stopped at a local BK to grab some late dinner and a homeless guy named eric advised to me to go to abigails(?) on K st bw 15 & 16th. Apparently, it's a strip club where extras can be had. He said around 11pm - 12am, all the girls come out of the club and you can take your pick. I cruised back at 11:30pm and he was right, there must have been 12 girls standing around in the freezing cold on a wed night. were a share fair of 6's & 7's out, mostly black and hispanic girls. Hard to tell accurate scores since all had layers on. Some where showing it all. I picked up a white chick, 5'6", 115lbs, light brown hair, named angel, she had a great ass, but slightly saggy breasts, seemed like she was in her teens, the way she talked. Nice body, but ugly face. I'd give her a body 7 + face 4 = 6. She first told me $$, I insisted on only $ and in my hotel. She drove behind me with her pimp to my hotel (which kinda made me nervous), which was at least 15 minutes away. At least her pimp stayed in his car while we went up.

    The service and attitude was excellent. I didn't ask about DFK or Greek, but I don't think they were out of the question. She chatted how she had been to NJ before and was very nice.