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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Tankcommander, Mar 10, 2001.

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  1. Randy Randy

    Randy Randy

    Location and Time: Flushing, Queens on April 19 and April 26 (I pass through here once a week) between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

    Police Activity Description: Sitting in unmarked vehicles that had tinted windows. On each occasion they were parked no more than two blocks away from the decoy.

    Provider Activity Description: The funniest thing about LE running stings in this location is the quality of the decoys. Never before has this streetwalker strip seen such pickings. I.e., if she looks too good, it's a ploy. On both occasions the decoy had long blond hair and was wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans.

    Local Environment: Industrial, commercial, and sparcely residential. Very busy and congested during the day and moderate to heavy traffic after 5 p.m. because of rush hour and a nearby strip mall. The region I am outlining here is known as the Prince St. strip, which is a few blocks from the Whitestone mall/expressway.

    Personal Activity: Driving back and forth observing the situation. As soon as I spotted the evening's selection (there was only one), my Spidey sense started tingling immediately, as the broad looked just too good. Another tell-tale sign: Didn't make a peep as I drove past with my window completely rolled down and eyeing her the entire time. Oh, and I cursed a whole helluva lot.

    Other: I've witnessed more than a few stings here; although this next statement is obvious (though not entirely unwarranted), be sure to drive around the area first before picking her up. LE has a limited number of locations from which to observe and/or "listen to" the proceedings. Sometimes, they're blatantly obvious -- police van in full view parked around the corner; other times, they're using the above tactics.


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  2. jmp


    There are a number of cabs that are the police model Crown Vic (more powerful engine, heavy-duty transmission, etc.) and are owned by the NYPD. They always have two people in the front seat. All of the ones that I've seen have medallions that begin with the same two digits.

    Of course, the surefire way to identify them is to take a walk by your local precinct right around shift change. Those cabs are parked in front with all the squad cars.
  3. skagen


    Not FIT

    That's defineitely nothing to do with FIT. Its the cheapo hotels around there. The FIT girls are smart enough to know that they can get more money doing outcall than doing street work. Lets get realistic here. It more likely that those girls are from a homeless shelter than any college campus...
  4. Tankcommander


    If that's the result...

    I hope FIT ceases all financial aid and raises their tuition.. We would have an endless supply of beautiful college girls. LOL
  5. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    as you know, that's the block the Stenton is on. but, the assholes wouldn't let me in.

    the Semana, on 24th btwn 6th and Bway made a big stink -- but they took my money anyway ;)
  6. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    That number may not help you. I don't know about the Vice stings, but what other operations are doing is simply renting cabs for the day/nite from some of teh fleets who are having trouble renting them out on a "day rate", since a lot of cabbies have "hung up their cleats", due to tougher licensing laws, higher insurance, etc. Odds are that on any given night, and cab could be "the one".

    27th Between 6th & Bway ? Must be those cuts in FIT financial aid again......
  7. Tankcommander


    Back from a fruitful night gathering Intel...

    With Guy Catelly riding Shotgun, we hit every Manhattan stripwe could find...

    Police activity overall was light, and what was out there was not concerned about provider activity.

    The hells Kitchen scene was okay with about 4 girls out there. There was a lot of club patrons and "civilians" out here.

    The 3rd Avenue and 11th Street scene was deader than a doornail.

    The Treasure trove was on 27th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway. 9 girls...3 white, 4 black and two light skinned but racially unidentifiable girls were there at about 1 am to 1:40. Then, it all died out at about 1:45 am. I guess they all got clients.

    It's gonna be good again tonigth.

    I also got the Lic # of a taxicab that's really an Undercover police car. E-mail me if you're going out there and want that info.

  8. Tankcommander


    If my predictions are correct..

    Good Friday and then Easter...
    With the majority of our police force Catholic or Christianity based, as well as a recognized holiday, I predict that police activity will be light this weekend. I further predict that the street providers know this as well and will be out in full force.

    However, the police might be counting on this and make their smaller presence known, but I do not believe that they will.

    So, take a little drive late at night this weekend, but do be careful...

  9. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    you saved their lives.....

    the least she could have done is get you one of those get-out-of-jail-pba-cards......

    now, you should feel like pucking !

    but, great work !!! most wouldn't even stop.....
  10. Tankcommander


    Funny thing was...

    The driver is the wife of a cop..

    By the way... Thanks fletch

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  11. fletch

    fletch Voice of Reason

    I guess they just thought the car had heated seats? lol

    Good work, TC.
  12. Tankcommander


    Back from some Recon...

    Hells Kitchen Area. Specifically, 45th Street and 46th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues Midnight to 1:30 am

    Police activity. Light. It seemed that they were not very concerned about anything tonight. The greater concentration was around 8th avenue.

    Local activity. Light to Medium

    Pavement Princess activity. Medium. There were one pair, and a third unrelated provider out there tonight. The pair was a black girl, slightly chubby, long black hair, straightened, and then rolled into large curls. Black Jacket, white tights, Black calf-length boots with tall heels. The other one was white, with long black hair wearing black jacket, miniskirt, and black calf length boots with tall heels. I saw the white girl get into and out of several cars. Both in their early to mid 20's

    The third one is older, possibly late 30's or early 40's. She has dyed blonde hair, almost platinum, shoulder length. She was wearing a long dark coat, dark tights, and normal shoes. THe only indication that she was a provider was that she looked like she was "tired but working", and that I saw her get into a car and then dropped off 20 minutes later.

    By the way,
    Not that I'm looking for Kudo's or anything. I would actually prefer it if no one responded to what I'm about to write.

    On the way home, I yanked two people out of a burning car on the FDR Drive. They were simply sitting in the car trying to start it while the fire burned underneath the car...

    I have to tell someone because the reaction I got from my girlfriend was that I could have been maimed for life, and my parents berated me for my bad habit of stopping to help people on the side of highways.

    So, it's off my chest... I feel like puking now.
  13. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    Re: Undercover car alert in the Hells Kitchen Area...

    your prose is crystal clear, as always -- an increasing rarity in the post-television age.

    my concern is not literary. instead, i'm worried about porkers squealing about an 'obstruction' in their GI tract.
  14. Tankcommander


    Undercover car alert in the Hells Kitchen Area...

    Okay guys, and girls,

    I just spotted a man and woman sitting in a white Crown Victoria. It had car service markings, Four 2's it was called. The markings were in red and it also had "Airport Service" and an airplane logo on the side of the vehicle. I forgot the phone number, but it does consist of the last four digits being four 2's

    Anyway, the two just sat in the car on 46th street at the intersection of 8th avenue, watching people for a while and then took off in a hurry making the left . It sort of blew a red light.

    So, although I'm not 100 percent sure, it looks like a pork chop, and smells like bacon, it's probably a cop...

    And Guy.... Don't worry, the last one didn't really make sense on purpose..LOL
  15. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Re: Not for nothing...

  16. Tankcommander


    I wanna move the streetwalker discussion to another thread...

    And save this one for intelligence reports...if you don't mind...
  17. Tankcommander


    Not for nothing...

    It was a little late for the old ladies to be out there. And, any lady comes out to write my license plate number is gonna get a crowbar across the head... no kidding... This is serious crap...

    Anyway, the police can't so anything with a list of license plate numbers...It would not hold up in a court of law, and if they harassed you over a plate number that was given to them my someone else, you could rake them over a bed of coals in that same courtroom. It's akin to asking a cop friend to fight your private little war...seriously improper if not altogether illegal.

    To finally answer your question, No...
  18. fishfry


    I like Streetgirls

    Someone above wrote "Her service was standard for street walkers. Everything covered, no kissing or dining. Services done mechanically."

    I've been patronizing streetgirls for over twenty years in NY, San Fran, Dallas, and LA, and I love 'em. Sure the experience can be downscale, but once you calibrate your vibe-o-meter and have the right attitude, there are warm sexy goddesses out there on the streets.

    Covered? Shit man, the street is where you go to almost be guaranteed uncovored. Re dining, I personally don't dine at the Y with streetgirls, there's a lot of Hep C out there and I don't like to take chances.

    But this board's called Cheap Thrills and I figured I'd put in a good word for all the hard workin' ladies who walk the streets.
  19. jester



    A friend of a friend lives in that area, and he once told me that when the ladies are out, all the old women in the neighborhood give them and the guys a hard time. They harass the women and make a show of writing down the license plates of any guys who stop.

    Did you see any of that?

  20. Tankcommander


    Update... S.I.N. Sunday, March 18, 00:30

    Area around 32nd and Lexington Avenue, Sunday March 18, 00:30 Hours

    Police activity light probably due to the mick holiday (no offense intended)

    One Provider, White with blonde hair and dark roots, long hair, thin wearing black pants, conservative shoes and black jacket. Her service was standard for street walkers. Everything covered, no kissing or dining. Services done mechanically.

    Local activity light to medium in terms of pedestrians, heavy vehicular traffic, and a lot of Cabs... I hate friggin cabs...

    Further interrogation of subject reveals: Provider says that she has been out in the same area yesterday and the day before, and that Police presence was at a medium level. Also mentions that one of the girls that's usually out there is serving 45 days in Rikers, I saw that girl out there last week, so she has at least 40 days left to go.

    I was out there to find a girl just like that, on short notice for cheap.