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  1. nj_buck


    I'm not far from PA..

    I mean.. is she a provider? if not, why not try out your pimp hand 8P

  2. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Good Question Slinky

    I been really busy doing some recording work for a solo female artist in Manhattan. So I been locked up in the Studio and rehearsing like a madman. Plus I went away the last two weekends to spend time with a girl I met In Pa. This girl is pretty amazing. She's definately worth the trip. That's a whole seperate story. I will get into that later....
    So Im back........
  3. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    "street girls are back..... "

    Look who's talking.......:) ;) :p ( where you been ?? ).
  4. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    street girls are back.....

    Was coming home from Pa. on Sunday and decided to take the Lincoln and do a little stroll through my old stomping grounds. I stopped at the Hess Staion gassed up and proceeded. I could not beleive my eyes. I saw at least 12 girls out there. All of which were decent. I was craving and even though in the back of my head I was saying don't do this (due to me getting arrested at a previous occasion for the same thing), I couldn't resist. I pull over to this blonde, nice figure, pretty face, tell's me 40.00 for a Bj. Thats all I wanted so I went with it. Great covered BJ and she was on her way. On my way to the midtown tunnel I saw another on 2nd ave. Tall, busty spanish girl. I decided I had one more in me so I pulled over. She jumped in the car, and tells me that she is on her way home and only has time for a BJ. That was fine with me.... So I shell out another 40.00 for another great BJ.. So, it looks like street action is makig a comeback... Thank heavens..... because being a cheap fucker is difficult with no Episodes and No street girls...

    President of the CCFOA
    (Certified Cheap Fucker's of America)
  5. nj_buck


    Saftey Precautions

    Personally, I lock my valuables in the trunk and only keep the approximate amount of cash I will need for the transaction in my pocket.

    Maybe my paranoia is just a heightened awareness 8P

    At least lock your wallet and cell phone in the glove box.

    My two cents,
  6. SkellyChamp


    she told me to be careful of her companion...

    I take it that this very helpful advice came after she ran off with your money.

    Which leads of course to the lesson that you should have your money before you make contact - especially with ladies of the street.
  7. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper


    Spent a couple of debauched days in Manhattan.... just got back... first day spent at Sterling Girls I will review in appropriate place... then hooked up with a couple of streetwalkers... white mid20s... the redhead was hot... her friend dark haired Italian calling herself Sue I think... watched me get money and ran off with my card... racked up a little over $1,500 before I got the bank to freeze it... but the redhead was an angel... she told me to be careful of her companion... great body good sex... found her around 49/48 and 8th... she said she was there regularly... and will be back looking for the rip off artist... try and see if she wants to work off the debt ...
  8. bigdoggie


    Quality ranged from two hotties to several scaries. Price started at $ for FS and was very negotiable.
  9. hot4chicks


    What was the price point and quality level for these chicks?
  10. bigdoggie


    midtown action

    There has been a lot of action on 44th betw 10th/11th. I saw about 8 girls there last night at around 11:30
  11. hot4chicks


    Try strolling CPS and have a drink at the Oak Room. You'll see a variety of chicks between 11PM to maybe 2AM or so. 58th & 6th is the busier corner, the chicks here used to be more striking, but 30s and quietly dressed fits in. Also, LE presence tends to be very low, but still discretion is advised.
  12. skagen


    That area has historically never been worth it. Streetwalkers there prey on tourists and travelling businessmen, thus the ridiculous pricing . You can get an appointment with a top indie for that kind of money, whereas those stret girls will give you a lousy one-shot service.

    Its like shopping for electronics in Times Square - bad idea. A business sustained by the naivete of consumers who just aren't informed enough to know better.
  13. mij317


    For one reason or another, I found myself at the corner of 57th and 6th Ave twice this week and have had similar sightings in the neighborhood.

    The streetwalkes are out and they are discreet.

    Saw four Wed. evening at midnight.


    1. 50 year old black woman - looked like a crack ho.

    2. 35-40 year old white woman - demurely dressed, shapely - not fat. quoted me a price of $$$ for one pop. I would have paid $$ but she isn't $$$ quality.

    3. 2 18-22 year old black women working together. Extremely hot - tight bodies. Dressed somewhere in between "she must be a pro" and "couple of hot young girls going out tonight" (this is clearly a very blurry distinction if a distinction at all. Quoted $$$$ for the hour for both plus 60 for hotel (or were willing to go back to my apt). I asked how many pops allowed in the hour? Answer: As many as I could handle. These girls were smoking. May take them up on the offer.

    Have seen others on this corner in the last few weeks. They make it clear they are working if you are looking for it but, if walking with your girlfriend or family, they would never realize they just passed a pro.

    Any similar experiences? Sightings? Carnal Knowledge? Thoughts?

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