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Discussion in 'Other / General' started by ticklemyelmo, Sep 22, 2017.

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    I won't even shake hands with clients if I have a cold.
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    One of the hazards of hobbying is that you have a much higher chance of being exposed to diseases than the average person. They don't have to be STDs. The common cold, or strep, or any number of others. It happens. The more people you kiss, the higher your chances of exposure. Either your immune system with adapt and become more resistant, or you will get sick more often.

    I used to get sick fairly regularly. Several times a year. I don't know if I've been lucky, or if my immunity has kicked it up a notch, because it's been a while. I would never hobby when I had even the slightest hint of a cold. While being sick is an annoyance to me, it could be financially devastating to a girl, if she responsibly stops working when she's sick.

    I would highly recommend not seeing someone if either of you are sick. Don't take the chance, thinking you won't get a cold or give one simply from a BJ. Because, even if you are young and healthy, her next client might be 70 and much more susceptible.

    If anyone has the sniffles, take the week off.

    Note, I'm not a doctor. All my comments come from what I consider to be common sense. As always, I advise you not to take medical advice from a stranger on the internet, but to actually ask your medical professional.
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    I don't think you can pass the bacteria from getting BbJ but I definately Dfk'd the provider. I actually spoke to the provider regarding the first incident and she told me that. There was one time that another provider got her sick when they did a double with a client. It sucks really cause as per the provider she cannont say no and not have contact with the other provider. Apparently the agency does not take or they have to perform even if they are not feeling well. They can only get a break when they get their monthly visit and if that happens the other girl will have to work double time to cover.
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    I think this is related to why some won't do kissing.

    On a related note, I tried googling this in the past, is there any problems with getting BBBJ from somebody who has strep, or even just a "little cold"? I don't think you can get a cold or whatever from it, unless you touch and then stick you fingers in your eyes/mouth, but, what about things like soreness, or anything else?

    I hope I'm not hijacking this thread, if so, please move appropriately.
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    Good morning all. I have been doing the hobby for a while now and I have seen alot of providers from motels, euro bellerose crew, amp, car dates and even internationally.

    All my experiences are ok but I have caught strep from an Semi upscale Agency that operates in Westbury and in Long Island.

    The first incident was last June. Just two weeks after my knee surgery. I stayed in my house the whole time and I never had contact with anyone till my appointment with the agency. So I saw this chick from the Agency, The service was GFE and the girl was awesome! After a couple of days my throat started to feel scratchy with white spots on my tonsils. I saw my medical provider and the test kit confirmed strep. Whatever really its strep and it is treatable with anti-biotics. After that incident it took me a while to go back and monger. I finally did again last wed 9/20/17. Again GFE and the service was superb. I will not take that away from the girls working for this agency. Yesterday same symptoms and I saw my doctor today. Guess what I got the same diagnosis.

    It is just weird that after years of mongering, datys, BbJ and DFK. I only got strep from the girls working for this agency. Again I am just sharing my experience. The agency is awesome and so are the girls. If the moderators will give me an ok, I will surely share and let you guys know on which agency it is and the girls who serviced me.