Strip clubs in san diego

Discussion in 'California' started by els, Jan 18, 2003.

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  1. littlejoe


    Then there are the two jack shacks (w/ glass booths), Jolar Cinema, and Barnett Avenue Superstore, and the no-glass jack shack, Fantasy Shots. I've gotten many take-out offers in Jolar, and one in-house offer a long time ago at Fantasy Shots.
  2. allensd01


    Cheetahs was the place to go a few years back - HOTTESTS chicks in SD by far... until they got busted by the feds for paying off SD city counsel to ease up touching rules. It use to be $10 got you a song in the main room and you could play with her tits. $40 for 2 songs in the VIP area got you romming privliges. In the champaign room, $100 - $200 (depending on the girl) got you fucked. After the bust, it was the same price, but hands on your side but take-out got easier. Last time I was there - about 3 years ago - it was still full of hotties but not wall-to-wall like before. I'd certainly make that my first stop on my next visit.
  3. Gavvy Cravath

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    Just got home from San Diego/Palm Springs. Wound up staying overnight at the Hampton Inn over night off of I-8. And right next door there were two "all nude" strip clubs. Reading that there really isn't that much going on over there makes me feel better.

    San Diego is a laid back town. Found the old San Diego Sports Arena where the Gulls and Clippers played. It looked small. We wound our way down to Pt. Loma. It looks like a pretty liberal city. Military personel or not. Surfers, laid back hipsters, legalize marijuana. Nice stop on my trip out there.
  4. bonafidelover


    Recommended Strip Club

    Cheetahs, Pacers, Dancers seem ok. SD has a no touch law so some dancers won't due the "extra" stuff. YMMV.
  5. els


    Can anyone recommend a good strip club in san diego. Nude/topless where touching and maybe more is allowed?