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Discussion in 'Florida' started by Monty Burns, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. nnjguy


    know of any in the keys??
  2. busted



    If you want to pet the pussy, try Body Shoppe (powerline, south of sample). There are many WOC, and a few moderately attractive dancers, none are knockouts, but the vip dances are to die for. Try a black girl name iceberg; she's anything but. VIPs prices vary based on the room ou take; cubicles are $25 to the house and $15 per song to the girl. Cubicles with saloon doors and $50 to the house and $15 per song to the girl. Room with door $100 to the house and $250 for the room with the locked door. Best bet are the 241 specials. Any room for $20 for 2 songs. It don't get any better!!!
  3. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    The "rules" change from town to town down there.

    I don't know about Miami, but Ft Laduerdale is a bit tame (mostly). But just north of Ft Laud, in Pompano things "open up" quite a bit IMO.

    Booby Trap in Pompano is about as good as it gets IMO. Girls range from 7's to 8.5, with the occasional 9+ and most every one of them is friendly and will sit (or stand) and actually talk to you for a while (while I'm sure many, if not most of them are trying to gauge how much money they can get from you, they're not at all obvious about it. Few of them would I consider "pushy").

    Club is all nude with alcohol. Nude table dances out in the main area are $10 and (you're) touching varies with the girl and how close managament is (although to be fair I've never yet seen management say anything to any girls or guys).

    Laps, in a curtained off room, are the best I've ever experienced. The girl (or at least the ones I've seen there) are ALL OVER YOU. This one lady was upside down, facing the floor with her head between my legs and her legs around my ears while I was kneading her beautiful butt. She was alternating reaching between my legs and grabbing my balls and reaching back and pulling her panties aside giving me unrestricted access (and view) to her asshole and pussy. She told me the only thing off limits was I couldn't touch the pussy.

    Next trip down (next week) I may take her into the VIP room if the prices are reasonble and/or try to see her outside the club.

    Good luck.
  4. JerseyDevil


    Go to Stilleto's, it's right off of 195. Thank me later.
  5. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    I'm organizing a trip to Miami for me and some of the boys and I'm looking to see if any local Floridians or Miamians can give me the names of some good, local strip clubs. We'll be out in South Beach, but we can easily cross the bridge and head into Miami.

    Hoping some of the locals can help me out.