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  1. jasonbuju


    i agree with this approach as well.

    a few of my friends have been in similar situations and ended up in a non-compensation relationships.

    if it does not work out that way then you end up paying her the first time out.

    if you have not called her already you should. strike while the iron is hot. these girls get offers every night.
  2. justlooking


    I think it's ironic that one of the guys who's most emphatic in his insistence on the possibility of real-world friendships between prostitutes and johns is equally insistent in his presentation of this cartoon view of strippers. I have a feeling that if JB knew as many strippers as well as he knew many prostitutes, he'd modify his view.
  3. justlooking


    This seems about right to me.

    FWIW, I can't really give any experienced advice in a situation like this, because I'm never in it. It's never not clear to my Stripper Friends that our "dates" are for compensation.
  4. jseah



    since you're not married, what would it hurt to call her? let her take the lead on where this leads to. if it is to just meet up and have some fun, so you go out to dinner or whatever and have a good time with some eye candy. if it is for "other services" then you can decide whether the cost is worth it and join the "jl club". just keep your eyes open and let the big head reign, otherwise you can easily find yourself stuck in a black hole and see your dollars get sucked away like air in a vacuum.

    BTW, the last time I was at Gossip (like around 3 years ago) the place looked like Little Moscow, with about 80% of the girls being of Russian and E. European descent. Is it the same now?

    I've pretty much sworn aways places like this, too easy to spend way too much money. I remember the last time I was there with friends, I ran up a $500 bar tab and spent almost the same amount on dances.
  5. ExLS

    ExLS banned

    Stripper Advice

    1. She gace you her cell BECAUSE you spent a ton of money on her and she sees YOU as an ATM nothing more(This is common and has happen to me a dozen of times)

    2. She has "selected" you for some hot fucking, but show me the money.

    3. VERY RARE- just wants to be friends (Has happen, but it is rare)
  6. jseah


    Re: Lesson One

    my friend's dad use to say that all the time......

    except he would add "and you need to keep an eye on them" at the end of the line about the mother and sister.
  7. jseah


    where's jl when you need him??????
  8. John Blackthorne

    John Blackthorne

    Perfect description of the stripper MO.

    Promise anything, deliver as little as possible.

  9. Slimmy


    Lawyer, I have done the stripclub thing for a long time. The odds are, she is gonna just want to hit you up for money some how some way. These girls are good at what they do, which is not a whole helluva alot for alot of money! Watch your wallet!
  10. mikeyl41


    Lesson One

    Dude......here is lesson one to always remember no matter what. They are all whores except your mother and your sister. Thats all you need to know.
  11. billyS


    Re: Don't take this wrong but.......

    Whats the big fucking secert? Do you think you are the only guy who paid $500 to suck on her tits? Are you afraid we are all going to run down there and look for her?
    Amost too funny. Lawyer101, All whores do that. They find out what you do and make believe they are interested in the same thing. Take some time and read a thread from DonQuiote and some others. This is not on the same scale but it is the same idea.
    Bullshit. I've been down there once but I got an X-Dreams type 'A' dance. I know others on this board have too. Difference is I negoitated that my dick must come out of my pants BEFORE I went down there.
    Lawyer boy you are young and navie but you came to the right place (Utopia Guide). What she is selling you is a fantasy. She likes you. You and the other hundred guys she sees a week. She needs money and she see's you are willing to spend it. If you want to buy into the fanatasy, do so knowing that is only a fantasy. Some guy posted recently about being pissed because he thought he had this special relationship with Alize at U-Turn. So one night he is sitting there and she walks in ignores him and does like three other guys while he sits there fuming. Don't put yourself in a postition like that. Bottom line, if you pay her, she will fuck you. That is what she likes about you. If you want a real girl friend go to one of those meat market bars and tell them you are a lawyer. That should get you laid.
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  12. Tamika


    Her main objective in giving you her number: C.R.E.A.M.
    Put up or shut up.
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  13. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk

    Of course she likes you. Strippers love guys that drop $500 on them. The whole stripper scene with main area and multiple private rooms is designed to suck as much money out of you as possible. Once a stripper gets a regular she needs to keep ya coming back. That includes implying but not actually delivering on 'more is available'.

    I'd call her, make a date, have sex but keep $400 in your pocket in case she asks for it. It might be free, it might cost you. Either way it seems you'll be happy.
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  14. Buddah


    If I'm reading this correctly you just dropped $500+ for a dozen laps and to suck on her tits.

    Asking her to "hang out" can easily be interpreted to mean "I want to see you outside the club and fuck you for money".


    You absolutely CAN discuss this stuff inside the club once you make it clear you're not LE. Trust me, she didn't give you her phone # so you could exchange recipies.


    Call her, make sure she understands how generous you are, and set up a date. Have fun, but it won't be cheap. She KNOWS you can drop the kind of money you did for very little at the club.
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  15. edouble


    just like anything else YMMV. i have had situations where the girl has given me her number and we remained in contact on a plutonic level and then there has been those times i have gotten roped into the customer role. she gives the number expresses intrest, infact calls me and leaves me a message a few times just to get me to keep coming to see her. after some time and alot of money later i stopped seeing her, not because of the money but because of my own sanity.
  16. Ter164


    Unless you had discuss something about meeting outside for some private fun, which it seems you didnt, I would think she might actually looking to hang out with you. from what you wrote she was the one who initiated the phone exchange to you so i dont think she is expecting payment from you for time together so I would go for it. Give her a call and set up a date, if you haven't any experience with it will be a learning one for you, cause as I have read here I believe or somewhere else, trying to date a stripper isnt easy, because in her mind she is the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE and that you should be grateful any time she has allotted to you. So try to setup your date, if she looking for business im sure she will be upfront about it as soon as you talk with her, if she doesnt just go with the flow and enjoy a night out with a HOT GIRL on your arm
  17. lawyer101

    lawyer101 Gold

    I need some advice regarding a recent situation at a stripclub. Maybe some of you guys that are experienced with “picking up” strippers can help me out.

    I went to Gossip on Rte 110 on Saturday night with a few of my friends. To “keep this real” I will not give the name of the stripper or her description. So I started to chat with this stripper. She was real cool. We had a lot in common. She is attending college, so we were discussing different things about school, careers, etc. Gossip has 2 areas for lap dances. One is out in the open and costs $20 and one is in a private room (although several customers are in this room with you at the same time) and this costs $30. I asked her how many dances she would give me for $200. We agreed upon the amount of dances and we walked into the room for the dances. During the entire time that I had spent with her, we continued to chat about different topics. We had so much in common, it was almost scary. After the dances ended we chatted a little more and then she had to leave me so that she could give other guys lap dances…:) About an hour later, she came back up to me. I was talking to one of my friends, so to get my attention she started giving me a back/shoulder massage. When she was done, she asked me if I wanted to get a private dance downstairs. We went over the prices and I agreed to the dance. Downstairs is a private room, but a bouncer walks around. The mileage was low, as the only thing I was able to do was suck on her tits. We continued to chat during this dance also. When the dance was finished, I told her that I thought she was so cool. She went on to tell me that she thought I was cool too and a lot of fun…:) I then told her that we needed to hang out. She then asks me for my cell phone and puts her number in my phone. I was really excited because this chick is so hot. So she tells me that she has to go, but that she wanted me to call her. So she kisses me on the cheek and walks away.

    My question is, did she give me her number because we were getting along so well and she only wanted to hang out with me? Or, did she give me her number assuming that I wanted to pay her for sex? My ego tells me that she likes me and wants to "hang out" with me to get to know me better, but looking at things realistically I think she gave me her number assuming that I would pay her for sex. We never discussed having sex or even a price for the activity. Is this something that is generally discussed in the strip club, or is this something that is discussed when you talk to the girl over the phone?

    I want to call her, but I’m feeling a little weird because I don’t know how to handle the situation. If I call her and ask her how much she wants for sex, and this was not her intention, she will get pissed off and not want to hang out with me. If I call her to just hang out, and this was not her intention, she may not even consider letting me pay her for sex(if this is something that I decide to do). Now I would prefer if I just “hung out” with her because I don’t know if I would go through with paying her for sex.

    I didn’t know that this crap would be this confusing. Any advice would be appreciated…:)
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