Strippers can look so different outside of their work environment

Discussion in 'Stripclubs, Strippers and Porn Stars' started by Heartbreaker, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. kassyS


    Oh, theyare different.
    Sometimes, very different. Depends on which type of strippers you talking about however.

    A parable.

  2. Heartbreaker


    I don't mean dating, providing or things like that. I mean normal clothes, lighting, warts and all, so to speak. Recently, I was downtown NY by the WTC waiting for the light to cross the street. I saw this tall woman dressed in a nice business suit with some guy waiting for the light also. It didn't dawn on me at first but when I heard her voice, it was some stripper I used to hang out with a lot in the clubs. I know she had finally quit the business since she was in her 40's (even though she had the bod of a 20 year old). She had told me she was going to quit a few times and then you'd see her a few years later because she was unemployed or going through a divorce. Someone did tell me they saw her working at a club in NJ a few weeks ago, but I find that hard to believe. If she didn't speak, I might not have realized who she was. This was about the fifth time I've seen some girl and didn't recognize them.