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    Was in the Stuart area on business and one afternoon had some time to kill, so I looked in the local paper's classified section under "massage". Found a place called Absolute Relaxation, called (1465 are last 4 digits) and the girl said come on over, it's on Route 1 North in a small strip mall. It's by appointment only, and once buzzed in I was met by 5'5", 135 lb.,26 year old blonde (Kerry I think) with a low cut top and extremely large breasts. I knew I found a good place. She told me it's $40/$60, took the half hour. She said she was the only one working, locked the front door and lead me to a room and said take your clothes off and lie on the table. Came in, dimmed the lights and proceeded with an OK oiled massage for 15 min. with light tickling of the jewels, asked for the top off and she obliged, but said its a $60 tip. More than I wanted to spend but I had to see those puppies. Top comes off and WOW are they BIG, played with them awhile then time for the customary HJ, was OK, nothing great. Not a bad time if your in the area and a change for the NJ AMP's. Owner must be a Ranger's hockey fan, because all the walls had pictures and banners of the team.