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    Unless I'm very mistaken, (I wasn't privy to this place until just months before the Harmony demise) - they're gone!

    I'm sure there were many incarnations before I got there - but 1st place was in the garment district on the west side. (upper 30's around 7th or 8th? - someone help me here!)

    got closed down (wasnt that good anyway,... I never saw anyone better than a six, and that's GENEROUS!)

    Next time they were on 29th and around 5th? I think they were there before the Harmony bust. My 1st time there was with a really thin sista - VERY cute, petite with a sweet voice (that gets me everytime,...) ...think her name was Jade.

    Seemed like that was the best S90 got. Post Harmony, some of the girls ended up here. None of my Harmony faves ended up here. Got busted shortly afterwards,...

    I no longer know where the latest incarnation is, or whether there really is one right now!

    I went to the Ludlow lead, but don't think it's for real. No music or anything from the outside, and got turned away anyway,... :(
  2. jamal ginsburg

    jamal ginsburg

    anybody have any info on studio?