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  1. smoke2


    They over paid

    According to recent posts on her is .1 if you get half hour and .2 if u get a full hour. LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I assume the term "have paid up to $50,000 for a prostitute." is the price they paid to actually buy her and not just rent her for a session.
  3. john galt

    john galt


    Investigators bust alleged 'Net brothels

    NEW YORK, Jan. 18 (UPI) -- Federal immigration investigators in New York have discovered a red light district online where high rollers have paid up to $50,000 for a prostitute.

    Newsday reports officers with the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement have made multiple arrests, some leading to prison terms, during a more than 5-year-old inquiry into whorehouses on the Web.

    The sites advertise models, porn stars and international prostitutes that can be flown anywhere in the country for the right price.

    Martin Ficke, head of ICE in New York, said the burgeoning business keeps overhead costs down and allows for greater anonymity.

    Forty-one year-old Elena Trochtchenkova and 45-year-old Rad Abdel Salem Abbassy plead guilty recently for operating New York ******.

    Investigators busted the business in April and said prospective johns identify a prostitute on the Web site and call a switchboard.

    This one was on E. 32nd Street.

    Officials allege New York ****** would do a background check on the buyer and, if cleared, a payment would be made, women contacted and flown a destination.

    ICE said New York ****** has made $13.5 million in profit.

    Others allegedly involved in similar Web brothels have been arrested or plead guilty recently and ICE plans to continue investigating.

    Charges range from tax, security and prostitution to immigration violations.
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    john galt

    more info

    Sex site spurs 20 arrests

    January 24, 2006
    Undercover police officers have arrested 20 people in the past three months as part of a crackdown on an Internet-based prostitution ring that operated in Islip, Suffolk County police said yesterday.
    Patrons would find prostitutes, complete with price ranges for specific services, on a Web site and meet them, often in public places, in Islip, Lt. James Gruenfelder said.
    "I don't want to get graphic, but it would tell you exactly what you would get. It was very specific - any kind of sex, including fetishes," said Gruenfelder, commanding officer of the Third Precinct Crime Section.
    He declined to identify the Web site or the locations for the prostitution because the investigation is continuing. The arrests began Oct. 8 and are being made public now "as part of a public awareness campaign that this is going on," the lieutenant said.
    He said 13 people were charged with prostitution, six with promoting or patronizing a prostitute, and one with unlawful possession of marijuana. He said the most serious charges are misdemeanors that carry 1-year jail terms.
    "The investigation revealed that the individuals involved in this type of criminal activity use very little discretion as to where they conduct their activities, as they frequently use public areas for their encounters," Suffolk police said in a statement.
  5. john galt

    john galt

    Suffolk Police Net 21 in Online Prostitution Sting

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    (1010 WINS) (ISLIP, Long Island) More than 20 arrests have been made after a Long Island investigation into Internet prostitution.
    The sting began in October 2005 with Suffolk County police officers gathering intelligence from various Internet sites advertising sexual services in exchange for fees. Prostitutes and their clients were targeted.
    The 11-week probe yielded 21 arrests for prostitution, promoting prostitution and patronizing a prostitute. There also were drug and warrant charges.
    Police say one arrest occurred when a male undercover officer was approached by a prostitute during the john portion of the operation.
    Officers seized as evidence $2,500 in cash, numerous condoms, lotions, two cellular telephones and marijuana.