Suggestions for cool stuff to do in NYC

Discussion in 'New York' started by Roberta of Houston, Feb 27, 2001.

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  1. One Eyed Trouser Trout

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    Hey Roberta`

    Can you hang about Slick Willy's new office and get me a pardon?

    Nothing in particular...just a general prospective like pardon so that I can screw up from here out and not have to worry about it.

    I understand he likes BBBJ and might wanna have a cigar later...just tally the tab and let me know what I owe ya.

  2. robnotbob


    You could always go to Flashdancers or Legz Diamondz.

    Yes, Red Eye Grill great choice and there's always "Hooters" on Bway/56th. Obviously Stage or Carnegie Deli (for you tourists) or Mickey mantle's Restaurant (42 Central Park South) to take in an XFL game.
  3. whasssup


    Some suggestions

    Hey Roberta,

    I will take a stab at throwing out a few night spots for you. The Hudson Hotel (58th/8th ???) is a cool spot for drinks. Also the new W Hotel on Park Ave South (17th ST) is fun. Check out the Under Bar around the corner. A new place opened up called The Park. I believe it is across the street from Red Rocks (17th/9th AVE ???). If you are into night clubs check out Lotus on Thursday nites, Chaos (Friday nites), Halo, Float and Spa are also fun. Hope this helps.
  4. justme

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    Sorry, Roberta, I should have been clearer... what I meant is that if it's already 83 now then I have to move before July rolls around and my three miles at Memorial become undoable.
  5. BigWaves


    If frog can get you into Rao's on such short notice, I will be throughly impressed. Good luck.
    I see we are shooting mostly upscale with our suggestions but if you want to see how "the other side" lives, check out some East Village dive bars including Coyote Ugly, Doc Hollidays, Villiage Idiot, Red Rock West or even hang out with some local politicians at Nassau Bar. A great "dive bar" web site is You can have a really fun time at these places.
    The meat packing district is also becoming an "in" place to go.
    Almost forgot about the BED Bar. Very unique place.
    Check it out.
    Enjoy your stay in NYC!

  6. hot4chicks


    Martinis at $15?...hhmmm, at the Oak Room, its only $12 for a vodka...I gotta start reading my bar bills....
  7. Badtz


    Brooklyn aint bad


    Brooklyn aint half as bad as some people think-- Williamsburg has Black Betty which is one of the best latin music dance clubs in the city w/ top notch food as well....there's a bunch of other places to go where artists and musicians hang out and cosmopolitans cost lest than college tuition........manhattan's not the only game in town........

  8. pswope

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    I agree with Slinky. If you've spent time in London,much of the mainstream Manhattan attractions will be very similiar. Like London,NY is a walking city and to really get a taste,you got to drop into a 'hood and just walk around. Especially because of your major,you'll encounter street drama at almost every turn. *That* is the best part of Manhattan(instead of getting hit on by laid off dot comers,get hit on by construction workers ,whose lines are more staightforward and honed over many years.)
    Contrary to popular outsider perception,during the daytime,almost every section of Manhattan is safe fro walking(just don't go down sparesly travelled streets).
    Then it just comes down to what you like and don't see in Houston.
    A couple of off beats
    1. The Cloisters in Upper Manhattan(proves there is beauty and solitude in NYC)
    2. Harlem
    3. Hells Kitchen(have some buffalo Mozzarella from Mangaros Hero boy(best in NY)
    5. Astoria Blvd in Queens
    6. If you're in to shopping great cutting edge designers on Lower East side
    7. and if you want to get of real sense of a NY power restaurant(where wize guyz rub elbows with writers,politicos,,and biz moguls),have Frog take you to Raos in East Harlem
    8.Of course,if you must get a sense of the commercial sex trade here,have Slinky take you to Episodes[if it's still open], ezlover take you to Julies,or I'll take you to Body Heat.
  9. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts


    Roberta - the location sounds GREAT !

    But, tha was pretty gutsy pre-paying the entire stay ....

    While in that area, be sure to eat at the Red Eye Grill across the street

    AND, be sure to have a drink (bought for you, of course) at the Oak Room in the Plaza - Never know who you might meet up with THERE .....
  10. MrNY

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    Re: Okay this completely off topic...

    for THAT - maybe you should go to JErsey ! :)
  11. We are expecting a "cold" front...tommorow's high will be a frigid 65 degrees!

    Trust me, you dont want to move here....come visit H-Town in Mid August and you will see exactly what I am talking about...before you spontaneously combust in to a pile of charred human flesh! (100+ temp in 90% pretty much sucks at that time of year...!)
  12. justme

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    83 in February? God, I have to move.
  13. Okay this completely off topic...

    Today in Houston we had a high of 83 degrees! Just thought I'd share that with those of you shoveling snow lol!!
  14. frog


    there's a rocking club in the hotel as well, and you walk to central park in the morning.
  15. Slinky Bender

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    If you're getting a mini suite at the Hudson Hotel, I guarantee you're not going to be dissapointed.

    And I'm not so sure she'll be overwhelmed by guys looking to buy her drinks at Twilo ( although they may comment on how much they like her pumps; but Tuesdays could be different these days ).
  16. frog


    You're welcome.
  17. I checked out Twilo on the citysearch website...looks pretty cool!
    Also apparently Tuesday nights are a big night for New Yorkers to take in the night life? WEll that's what the website said! LoL! You know everything on the internet is true right?! Heehee!
  18. Okay I am losing my mind because I thought I posted this already? But anyway, thank you all for the hotel info.
    I managed to get a jr. suite with a full kitchen near Central Park for $199.00 per night. The hotel was running a promotion so the only thing that sucked (can I say suck in here lol?) was that I had to pay for the entire stay with my credit card at the time of reservation. I just hope t is decent. The rates just seem to good to be true for a suite in Manhatan.
    Because of the special rates, they are a bit uncool about cancellations, meaning they will keep part of the money I paid (hey kinda like me Lol!)
    ANyway, thanks for all your help folks!

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  19. frog


    midtown, westside highway...

    though, only about 15 blocks from twilo
  20. MrNY

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    Roberta, if you.......

    Roberta, if you DO decide to goto Jersey.....

    PLEASE, be sure to wipe your feet before you come into the NY-side !!