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  1. Locointhecabeza


    Isn't it funny how most of us seem to find a place that fully meets our expectations for service but we still keep looking around trying to find some place better? It must be the thrill of the adventure that drives us to do that, the titillation of the hopeful conquest. Even though I have a place where I know that I will get anything and everything I want I can't help myself and keep looking to other places trying to carve another notch in the old yule log. Does that qualify me as a monger?
  2. bigcecil


    I think in general the best approach is to go looking only for a massage. Set your expectations low, that way your always pleasantly surprised if more happens.

    Its really hard to judge though. There aren't any real solid ways to determine what is going to happen. I've had massages where I was sure it was, and it didn't. And ones where I was sure it wouldn't, and it did.

    One case the girl teased from start to finish and then left the room and made a comment like "take as long as I wanted to get dressed". Lame. I've had others that were totally business-like but ended in happily. Its really strange.

    Thats part of the fun though. You can go to your regular place and know what to expect, or go into the unknown and adventure a bit. The adventure of it all is the fun part -- but its surely hit or miss.

    In my adventuring, the worst foe I have encountered is the "cut short massage" where you pay for an hour but get 30 minutes or less. These are the places that I will never return. But, as long as you go home with a good massage -- and they give you the time you paid for -- not much is lost.
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    I took another one for the team. I drive by it every day, so I decided to give them a try. It figures the Burbs just can't compete with the AMP scene downtown. Typical $60 at the door, table shower, all looked good. In the shower, she totally avoided my penis, so I should have figured what was (or in my case was not) next.

    During the massage, she tried to keep a towel over my privates and after she was done with the massage, she said "finishi!!!". I asked if she missed a muscle, and she said, "I did?". I asked if she would massage me and pointed to my penis. She said no. I asked why not to which she replied, "I don't want to!" Well, that is certainly her right, as was it my right to leave a $1 tip. Oh well, I guess for $60 it was a pretty good shower and massage. Next time, I'll just jerk off prior to going so I don't leave frustrated.

    I wonder if there are key things you can say or do to either:
    1) Identify that the massgage will have no happy ending
    2) Change that outcome without being offensive

    Here are a few things I've successfully tried in the past:

    1) Let the provider know that it's okay to touch you anywhere right near the beginning

    2) Show excited body language as she nears your privates with her hands.

    3) Touch her gently while she's massaging you.

    4) Ask when it's your turn to massage her. I've taken this one all the way to a massage with DATY followed by sex in a place where that was not on the menu. Someone ended up walking into the room while I was balls deep in their provider. That girl was not there the next time I came by. The owner gave me a very legit massage instead. :(

    5) Ask if she wants to get comfortable during the massage.

    6) Go to Da XXXX downtown and just enjoy the ride without the wonder of whether or not it will be a happy ending.

    I hope you all have a great New Years and happy Mongering.