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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by bushleaguer, Feb 8, 2003.

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  1. bushleaguer

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    Oh god, I'm sorry about that. I thought that area was still considered Irvington...and that Newark was technically up North a ways in the business section.

    Sorry to pass along faulty locations. I have little/no sense of direction.....as you can clearly see. :(

    I'll correct the title of the post so not to have anyone lost in Irvington going by my crappy directions. :(
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  2. mackolicious2000


    The place you describe, Market St., is in Newark, not Irvington. Gypsy is right, the only stroll in Irvington is the Nye, Clinton Ave area. River Bank Park, the home of the mighty Newark Bears owned by Rick Cerrone of NY Yankee fame.
  3. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    Its a decent stretch of road....can't really describe where it is as I am not familiar with all of Irvington.

    I was in between the railroad tracks and River Bank Park on Market. Hope that helps. I usually travel down that road on my way home from my sisters place, and don't usually see providers there. That night was an exception.
  4. gypsy

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    Market Street

    Where is Market St. in Irvington?. I know only the areas around Nye Ave.


    This is a nice report.

    Keep up the work, soldier. LOL.
  6. bushleaguer

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    I was headed back from my sister's house and found a SW on Market Street in Irvington tonight. I don't normally see any action on this road, but tonight was different. She a few blocks from the park and was dressed in a long overcoat. I passed by her once....circled around through some side streets and then came up to her again. She gave me a wave as I slowed down towards her and when I stopped she came over to the passenger window. She was Latin and had a really thin face with mid-length brown hair. Not the prettiest girl, but you take what you can get on the stroll I suppose. She asked if I was looking for a date and I said yes. I asked if I could "see the merchandise" and she opened up the coat, revealing a tight red dress that hugged some nice looking cleavage.
    After the usual "are you a cop?" thing she got inside and she directed me to a spot 2 blocks away that was quiet and relatively dark. She said her name was Nina. Although she didn't speak much English, we got the business at hand settled petty quickly. I told her I wanted a bj and fs, so she said it would be $.6, which I agreed to. To my surprise it was a bbbj, and I almost didn't make it to the fs! She got a cover from her purse and put it on, and then she arched over the passenger seat and we went into doggie tc.
    I drove her back to where she was (it was sooo cold I figured it was the least I could do) and she said she is usually there during the week....not usually on the weekend. Good service for the price....Nina is recommended for sure. :D